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Help! What should I write next?

At this point, I have quite literally not written a word of fiction (fannish or original) in years. I want to get back to that creative outlet, so I prevail upon you, my friendslist, to help me decide which of the WsIP I should dive back into. Some of these have snippets available, on request.

(Note: this does not promise anything, naturally, but I find it easier to work on stuff I know people might be interested in reading.)

Massive WIP List
Stargate -- Drabble and Short
-- final two segments of acta est fabula (one is written, other is in progress)
Stargate -- Medium
-- "Untitled help_japan 1": crossover with Atlantis; a gay club of sorts hidden in a back-of-beyond empty lab on Atlantis, which whoever's been running the city has turned a blind eye to, with a crossover of Daniel and Jack coming to Atlantis and finding a place they can finally be out
-- "Pearls": alien matchmakers
-- "Heart of Stone": Daniel's Descension as the Tam Lin ballad
-- "A Little Extra Weight": Daniel comes back from Tegalus a bit rounder about the middle (NOT MPREG)
Stargate -- Long
-- "A Still and Silent Sea": first part here; aliens and rituals and ghosts, oh my!
-- SPACE PIRATES: Trapped offworld and forced to blend in aboard a spacefaring pirate ship, it looks like SG-1 may never see Earth again. But it just might be that the pirates’ odd religion holds to key to finding a ‘gate...and the way home.
-- "untitled casestory": sequel to Jealous of Your Cigarette; professor Daniel and detective Jack find their work lives colliding while trying to solve a mysterious murder
-- "Getting the Band Back Together": superfan Cam Mitchell will do whatever he can to get his favorite band Stargate back together years after their acrimonious breakup
-- "untitled X-Files crossover": what is says on the tin; with possible appearance of characters from Eureka and maybe Warehouse 13

Star Trek AOS -- Drabble and Short
-- drabble for ninjaboots: Kirk and Spock must look after a deaged McCoy
-- drabble for putigress: Spock is possessive of Kirk, especially about his friendship with McCoy
-- stripper!Jim: what it says on the tin; an old Porn Battle prompt I can't let go of
Star Trek AOS -- Medium
-- "untitled trekreversebang 2": deaged in a transporter accident, baby!Jim teaches baby!Spock how to play
-- STXI ot3: Jim’s a bit empathic, Uhura’s as psy-null as a grapefruit, and it’s causing Spock problems.
-- "Ink" sequel: Ink is here; this would be a AOS version of Search for Spock or something
Star Trek AOS -- Long
-- "Dionaea Muscipula": first part here; AOS version of TOS episode "The Man Trap"
-- "Beautiful Mathematics": AU in which all Starfleet ships have an android, and Enterprise's becomes sentient
-- "wibbly-wobbly timey-whimey stuff" (not the working title): When T’Amana Georgette Kirk, daughter of Spock, is sixty-five, she goes on the most important mission of her life: to correct the timeline that has once again been disturbed by the Romulan called Nero.

So, what do you want to read? Tell me tell me tell me.



Jul. 13th, 2014 04:19 am (UTC)
Thanks, hon!


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