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Curses, Foiled Again!

Ok, someone explain to my obviously deviant, perverted brain how the naked human body is "gross". Seriously, I really want to know. Does my roommate think that accidentally catching a 5 second view of me hopping from bed (alone, of course) to closet or chair to grab bathrobe will infect her with teh ghey? I don't get it.

Note the first to roommate: It's hard to hold the moral high ground when you wander around in practically nothing (tiny sport bras and shorts, the latter of which she all but falls out of) much of the time. You don't leave anything to the imagination, either, and you walk around like that in public.

Note the second to roommate: It's also hard to hold the moral high ground when you're horrendously hung over from the night before, and therefore bitchy about things. Babe, try asking nicely, would you? Would go a long way to happier relations in this 8x10 cinderblock cell, I promise.

The worst part, I think, is the fact that I tried not to be visibly nude when she was in the room, even before she brought it up, i.e. tossing on a bathrobe if I got up before she'd come back to the room, camping out under the covers until she's left if she beat me back here. But it seems that even my bare shoulders repulse her, because they imply that I'm nekkid under the sheet and thick comforter. Just can't win, can I?

If I were a passive-agressive shit, I would wander around naked more often than I already do, but I'm not that kind of passive agressive, her boyfriend is in here almost as often as she is, and I still have to live with her until May or early June. I have learned to pick my battles, I swear.

Any thoughts?

It must be noted that I now need an icon that says "The best things in life should be done naked" or something like that. (Also need on that says "Puritans ruined my sex life", but that's a long story.)

In other news (a segue from Puritans, so that should explain part of the story), Crucible rehearsals move to the stage starting Sunday. This means that the set, props, and lighting crews are working overtime today to get the thing finished, and that the other SMs and I were at the school until midnight after Friday's rehearsal hauling set pieces, props, and costumes down two floors (thank God for elevators) to the Kay. The set itself, even half-costructed, is awesome: raked, "unfinished" wood floor, enormous plank walls, and live trees hanging upside down from the ceiling (the stage managers still don't under that one). I, as costume manager, am responsible for stage right, so that means actor wrangling and taking all the line notes, though Amy and I are figuring out a system to get them all typed up. And we tech in a week.

Also, I made a mistake on the date of the Shakespeare Fest thing, so not only did I get up some four hours before I had to today, but I also may have wasted $5 because I'm not sure I'll be able to go to it next weekend, and even if I can, I'll probably have to skip out early. Not cool.

[We are not talking about Wednesday yet. Is too fresh in my mind to be able to deal with it. Sorry.]


Feb. 18th, 2006 07:42 pm (UTC)
Boofor. I mean, I don't really like it if someone showers with the curtain open, but shoulders are definitely not offensive in my mind. My roommate and I always put our clothes back on when we get to the room, and just turn our backs or don't look. Maybe tell her to cover her ass next time she wears those shorts.

Why the hell are there upside down trees???


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