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No, I Don't Give Out the "Good Stuff"

But I do give out just about everything else:
  • Cough drops and/or Cold-Eeze distributed: 20 (the actors have declared me well-prepared for my pocket-full idea)

  • Doses of Motrin/Tylenol/Aspirin distributed: 5

  • Servings of TheraFlu distributed: 4

  • Actors late for call: 4 (two excused, one by about 20 seconds; mine is an evil watch)

  • Set bits broken: 0 (thank you, scene shop, for finally fixing that bastard door)

  • Actors lost behind SR costume cabinet: 0 (this still makes me happy)

  • Top actor temperature: 100.4 (genius knew he had a fever, but he didn't ask to get his temperature taken until we'd started the show, so we had no choice but to send him onstage

  • Actors not on the verge of being sick: 3

  • Cookies consumed by cast and crew: three dozen

And I learned yesterday that we're not allowed to give the actors Sudafed. V. interesting.

When I went to the Diner to buy the cookies, the chick behind me in line asked if I was prepping for a binge night. I didn't actually bite the girl, though I was tempted; told her I was getting snacks for a cast and crew of 30 in the most dismissive tone I could managed. There is something to be said for the ability to look over one's glasses at someone, even if s/he is taller than you.

We close tonight, and then cast party-type thing. This should be an interesting experience, because my cast party behaviour over the last four years has followed a similar pattern: dance with ib_nerd_06 and others for a few hours, share furniture with people, and eventually curl up on a couch/chair with despiojarse12, prompting discussions of our relationship within the next few weeks. Now, since none of that is likely to happen tonight, I am like a boat adrift in an empty sea. But, to be frank (or, rather, bob), I wouldn't be surprised to wake up tomorrow in Boston, because such patterns can't be broken. I apologize in advance.

Also, what am I going to wear?


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Mar. 12th, 2006 07:24 pm (UTC)
Well, I'm back in boston, so if you're here, come find me and I shall put ya up for the night ^_^
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