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Good Night, and Good Luck

Ugh, it's been a while since I updated, so shall do a week in review, by subject rather than by day.

Opening at work on Tuesday and Wednesday went better than I might have expected. I managed to bug rides from two co-workers, so I didn't have to either walk or get a ride from Mum. Surprisingly, I like working the morning shift. My lovely OC tendencies love activities like setting up the pastry case and the ReadyToEat&Drink case, and I always have preferred sunrise to sunset. Early morning is so soothing, in a way that I can't quite explain.

That said, it would be much easier if I could drive myself...

Related to the ride to work, though: on Wednesday, the co-worker I got a ride with was listening to gospel music in the car. Normally I kind of tune it out, but the lyrics to one song caught my attention, especially this section:

I told my sheep to love one another,
even your enemies too;
but you have love for only those
who have that love for you.
And you say I am your shepherd,
Why aren't you following me?

The song is called "The Shepherd's Song," and I can't figure out who wrote it. Either way, it's very interesting.

Back to work, though, I officially started training on the bar (read: actually working as a Barista and making drinks) on Wednesday, after one of my awesome shift managers spent the last hour of my Tuesday shift quizzing me on drink recipes. I worked bar half of my Tuesday shift and half my Friday shift, some seven hours total: I've stopped making most of my stupid mistakes, though I'm still shite at getting the whipped cream to work, and I need to work on my speed. But, once I get my certification, I can get a regular schedule, and then I can apply for a second job. Yay?

Also, today's (or, rather, Friday's) Awesome Customer Award goes to the couple in their 70s who waited for me to make the capuccino they ordered (I actually decided to remake it when the milk just would not foam correctly), and then when I was on table and condiment bar clean-up duty fifteen minutes later made a point of telling me that the drink came out well. It made me happy, let me tell you. Capuccinos are a bit of a pain, since they're supposed to be a specific weight, and foaming enough milk at once takes practice.

Totally unrelated, the brat got his braces back on earlier this week. Henceforth he shall be known as Metalmouth, and yes, I can call him that, because he did the same damn thing to me when I had them. He's even worse about pain than I am, though, and won't take pain killers, so he's been bitching about how much his mouth hurts for days. I know he's not exaggerating too much, but it's getting a bit old.

Decided on and ordered the external hard drive a few days ago, and it arrived today. It's a 300gb Beyond Micro, silver case, about the size of a trade paperback book and about an inch think, but surprisingly heavy. Plan on hooking it up tomorrow.

Watched Good Night, and Good Luck with Mum and Da this evening. Fantastic movie; you all should see it. Strathairn does a very good Murrow, according to the 'rents, and the whole thing is very well done, using actual footage for McCarthy and a few of the other interviews. It's amazing how much the issues Murrow and Friendly were dealing with still resonate today. Or maybe they resonate again, I'm not sure. George Clooney's very political, but without going overboard, and there's no overt emphasis on the parallel between the film and current events (he also manages to make co-starring in his own movie work, so that's good, too). No matter your political leanings/historical background/opinion of Clooney/etc., you should really see this film.

In less political news, the fic for the first challenge I'm doing is due 6 June, and I haven't even started yet. I know what I'm writing, at least, but I'm having trouble getting it down on paper. *facepalm* I think I'm going to have to do a writing hour tomorrow morning to get over the block. Once I get something down on "paper", I should be fine, but it's still annoying.
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