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Happy (belated) Friday the Thirteenth!

Happy (belated) Friday the 13th, one and all. Dunno about the rest of you, but I had an alright day. Then again, Fridays the 13th are seen as a holiday of sorts in my family; Mum and Da's first date was on one. For better or for worse, I'm glad it went well.

The reinstatement essays are kicking my ass. Totally killing me. When did essay writing get so hard? Am I that out of practice?

Watched The Ninth Gate with the 'rents. Dude, book abuse! They way they smoke and eat and drink around those books...it makes my inner librarian bawl. Da was squirming, swear to God. Oh, and watching not one, but two sex scenes with your folks is just too freaky. Corso is so easy: fucking one woman who's trying to kill you? Fine. Fucking a woman who's probably Satan? Totally stupid. And not even hot, either, oddly-enough. Really weird film, high and unfortunate body count, and no real end. What were they thinking? Apparently it's based on a book; might have to try to get my hands on it to see if an ending actually exists. Was appropriate to watch today, though.

Am trying to write fic, too. Dude, what should I name my succubus?

We're a-rennfestin' tomorrow, so hopefully there will be photos (on Facebook, methinks). Should be fun, though it's going to be cold as fuck. I shall be borrowing Mum's cape.



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