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A little Christmas present

Lyrics! (real postage in the morning)

"Three Wise Men" - Kipper Family*

Three wise men, they come from the East.
Three wise men, or two at least.
Two or three wise men come from the East,
From the general direction of Knapton.

I saw three wise men sailing by
On Christmas Day, on Christmas Day.

They followed the star, which showed them the way.
They followed the star, both night and day.
They followed the star on Christmas Day,
And then they opened their presents.

Three wise men crossed the desert,

The first had gold, shining bright.
The second had frankincense, smells alright.
The third had myrrh, which didn't delight,
'Cause he really wanted a train set.

Three wise men from the East are we.

They met some shepherds at the break of day.
They met some shepherds and asked the way.
They met some shepherds who would only say:
"If you're so wise, find it yourself."

Three wise men, boys and men,
They come from Knapton-town.

Well, then at last they found the [staff]
The first wise man said "Well, here we all are."
He strolled right in and up to the bar
And ordered two or three pints.

Three wise men, sitting in the backseat.

They kept on going up hill and height.
They kept on going with a [main] and me might.
They kept on going until 12 night
Then they had to get back to work.

Three wise men, three wise men,
See how they run, see how they run,
They all ran after the guiding star
Which led the way to a sable far.
They were wise men of [missing line] and also of [tar].
Those three wise men.

*I copied these lyrics by ear from a so-so recording, and they've got thick Brit accents, so forgive the words I'm unsure of (in []) and the bit of line missing.


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