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Surgery rescheduled for the asscrack of dawn next Thursday at the nearest hospital, because the anesthesiologist at the medical center it was supposed to be at decided that my cardiac history is such that she doesn't feel comfortable putting me under without the big!shiny!machines at the hospital. I'm so fucking pissed. I think I have good reason, ne?

It winds up that some of the laptop's boot files were corrupted, so I had to reinstall Windows and start over. Luckily, the thing was able to back up some of my files beforehand.

But only some. All the LJ icons saved on the hard drive are gone. My bookmarks are also gone, as well as my AIM away messages. Also, some of my music got lost entirely and some of it isn't working, and the reinstall of MusicMatch doesn't want to view any of the music at all, so I'm stuck with Windows Media Player as I try to reinstall everything and salvage what I can of my files. The back-up folder has some stuff in it that I have no idea what it is, and I'm just very tired of all of this.

Any thoughts on a better music program? I'm considering on saving up for an iPod; is there any point in using iTunes now when I won't have an iPod until April at the earliest, but more likely toward the end of the summer?

In happier news, I got the hair cut. I've got two 11" ponytails to send to Locks of Love, and my hair's in a great layered, almost-shag cut that goes down to my collarbones at the longest. I'm totally not used to it being this short (my head feels so light!) and it's straight at the moment, so we'll see what it looks like when it's curly/wavy/etc. And yes, there will be pictures.

Best part? The hairdresser used to be a regular at my Big Damn Coffeeshop. Heh.
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