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Mission 101

Am moved in a settled in. Room is very cold, but otherwise lovely. It would be cozy, but for the evil cold. C, the roommate, and I were debating the merits of a (illegal) space heater. It's awful. The snow is pretty, but brr.

'Net is being spotty, too. If it's still doing it tomorrow, OIT is getting a call.

I've decided that the Dead Year thing is a little silly; that's what I've been doing since April, and all I learned was that I don't want to live like that. Instead I've decided to do a mission101: 101 things in 1001 days. Here's my list (incomplete at the mo; divisions for my own sanity):

Things in process in bold, finished struck out with completion date in bold.

001. Finish making this list and post to mission101. 31 January 2007
002. Donate $5 to charity for every item not completed before 18 Oct 2009. (11/101 completed) (4/101 to pay)

003. Read 10 banned books and review.
004. Read 15 "classics" and review.
005. Read 20 classics of fantasy and scifi and review.
006. Read Good Omens. 27 May 2007
007. Read at least one book a week for at least two months and review.
008. Read 6 poems each by Langston Hughes (3/6), Maya Angelou (2/6), Emily Dickinson (3/6), Robert Frost (3/6), e.e.cummings (3/6), and Walt Whitman (3/6) and post here with comments. (12/36)
009. Enter all owned books into LibraryThing.
010. Read Don Quixote in the original Spanish.

011. Watch 15 lesbian movies and review. (including 8 Femmes)
012. Watch 10 "classics" and review.
013. After end of s10, watch all of Stargate SG-1 from the beginning.
014. Watch all episodes of 9th and 10th Drs. Who and Torchwood. 27 July 2007
015. Watch all episodes of Farscape. 27 August 2007
016. Watch all episodes of Babylon 5.

017. Balance checkbook and keep balanced.
018. Go two months when working without spending any money.
019. Go four months when not working without spending any money.

020. Schedule and attend appointment with gynecologist. 14 February 2007
021. Schedule and attend appointment for Holter monitor. 9 February 2007
022. Go six months without doctor's appointments, ER visits, etc.
023. Shower every other day for at least three months to clear up scalp.
024. Wash face and apply Clearasil, etc. twice a day for at least one month.

025. Get B average for Spring 2007. failed
026. Get A- average for Fall 2007. failed
027. Bring cumulative GPA up above 3.0 by end of Fall 2007 semester. failed
028. Bring cumulative GPA up above 3.5 by send of Spring 2008 semester. failed

029. Complete archival of scarvesnhats 2005 in writers_island. (14/31)
030. Complete blanketforts 2006 and post. (26/31)
031. Complete wellymuck 2006 and post.
032. Complete "You Never Can Tell" and post.
033. Complete 3 HP drabble triads.

034. Complete Worst-Case Scenario Trilogy.
035. Complete other fic in My Documents as of 21 Jan ("All Around My Hat", cinder!Daniel, "Abyss" AU, "Mariposa", A Man for Every Season series, "Getting the Band Back Together").
036. Complete slash_100 matrix. (36/100)
037. Complete au100 matrix. (11/50)
038. Complete wtf27 matrix (An Apple a Day series). (4/20)

039. Finish suicide!fic with velvetcherri.
040. Write five Firefly/Serenity fic (max. three with velvetcherri).

041. Organise and archive all original fic in writers_island.
042. Finish tidbits in leather journal.
043. Complete NaNoWriMo.
044. Complete "The Lighthouse's Tale" as a short story.
045. Write at least three Danse Macabre stories. (2/3)
046. Edit and rework first half of Osprey.
047. Edit and rework second half of Osprey.
048. Complete manuscript of Osprey
049. Fill in the middle of "The Key to Atlantis" and post.
050. Write Brendan's story.

051. Complete the "Buddha and Bonsai" cross-stitch.
052. Complete the "Dragon and Wizard" cross-stitch.
053. "Finish" all completed cross-stitches samplers in sewing bag (frame, as pillows, etc.).

054. Organize and replace all necessary music on hard drive.
055. Listen to 5 new artists.
056. Buy iPod.
057. Learn to play guitar.
058. Add 5 songs to vocal repertoire.
059. Make 5 mix CDs outside of Frankenmix. (1/5)
060. Reorganize house CD collection by genre and alphabetize.
061. Complete all Frankenmix challenges posted during 1001 days.
062. Update LJ daily for two weeks with lyrics to favorite Broadway songs.

063. Read all of Shakespeare's plays.
064. See 5 plays on Broadway.
065. See 10 plays not on Broadway. (9/10)
066. See 3 operas. (1/3)
067. Read 10 modern plays outside of a class.
068. Be involved in the production of 5 plays.
069. Work in summer theatre.

070. Create and market 5 "Support Stargate" shirts.
071. Create and market 10 gay pride shirts to benefit the HRC.
072. Create and market 10 theatrical shirts (to benefit somewhere).
073. Create and market 5 music shirts (to benefit somewhere).

074. Wear corsets every day for a week.
075. Wear skirts every day for a week.
076. Keep legs "smooth" for three weeks.
077. Buy five political shirts. (1/5)
078. Buy new winter coat. December 2007

079. Become coffeemaster.
080. Become shift manager.

081. Jog for half an hour three days a week for at least two months.
082. Do 25 crunches every day for at least two months.
083. Do another Hemophilia Half-Hundred ride.

084. Cook 10 meals and list recipes here. (2/10)
085. Make candied walnuts.
086. Eat four smaller meals a day for at least a month.
087. Try beef again.

088. Go to Avirah weekly for at least three months.
089. Go to Woman2Woman and Pride meetings weekly for at least two months.

090. Make 10 new icons. 8 March 2007
091. Find 30 new icons. 3 February 2007

092. Figure out what to do with my current hair cut. 1 July 2007
093. Dye hair an interesting color (temporary).
094. Invest in and use a teeth whitening thing.

095. Vote in 2008 election.
096. Send 5 cards to PostSecret.
097. Relearn how to write with left hand.
098. Relearn how to wear contact lenses. October 2007
099. Back up laptop to external hard drive every three months.
100. Finish all 18 books of Fushigi Yuugi.
101. Do three Days in the Life in Photos. (1/3)


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Jan. 22nd, 2007 03:27 am (UTC)
Sounds like roomie is at least a bit cooler than the previous... no?
Jan. 22nd, 2007 03:29 am (UTC)
Definitely. But we'll have to see how it goes.
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