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Yeah, so I'm loving this whole no snow thing. *headdesk* I really could have used the extra sleep. Oh well, still might snow, the sky being what it is. I have enough ramen and granola bars in the room that I can outlast any act of God or nature! (yes, lack of sleep makes me crazy)

So, haven't really said anything constructive in last like week plus, so here 'tis: classes are mostly good (only 1 crap class out of 4 is a good stat, yeah?); roommate is cool; no crazier than usual. Diner food hasn't changed much (though the mac and cheese is almost edible now). On the upside, I'm making some friends (roommate, the RA, a girl down the hall who's also a theatre major and in THET113 with me, and a girl who's in both ANTH240 and CLAS170 with me) and my dorm actually has showers with a consistent water temperature, even if the room tends to fluctuate in temperature. Ah well, can't win them all.

ANTH240: Introduction to Archeology - a repeat, but better this time than last. Professor is a young guy who did his graduate work at BU and seems to have a sense of humor. We're actually going to be learning technique in this class, rather than just "this is what archeology has taught us" like last time. One of the books is the same, but there's a new edition so I still had to buy all the books. TA is alright, if a little dull. Thank god, the course doesn't have a final paper.

CLAS170: Greek and Roman Mythology - oh my God, kill me now. The only course I'm taking this semester that I didn't at least pretend to take before (THET113*cough*cough*), and it's awful. The professor is terrible: he's horribly boring, he's inconsistent about names (it's always Uranus [Latin] rather than Ouranos [Greek], but he uses Cronus [funky latinization of the Greek] and such, and Ge [no idea] rather than Gaia [commonly-used Greek]), and he tends to fixate on topics so we don't learn much (he spent half of the lecture on Wednesday about how there are no "wrong" myths, just different versions). He didn't post an actual syllabus, just a book list and then reading assignments and the weekly essay every Friday, so I have no idea what we're covering, but I'm guessing "Roman" in this instance is more along the lines of "and the Romans stole everything from the Greeks and renamed them. The end. Here's your final." I won't even begin to explain how wrong this is. The TA's alright, though, not that the prof gives her much to work with. I'm considering posting my weekly essays up here for your amusement; they're so stupid.

THET112: Fundamentals of Performance - another repeat, with a different prof. Professor's pretty neat, if a bit repetative. She's also kind weird, but what do you expect from a career actor? It's an odd class, since we're spending the first part trying to create an all-encompassing definition of all performance, be it theatre, music, dance, sports, politics, or dating. The subject matter is a little too abstract for me to really find useful, but it's easy enough to bullshit and listening to my classmates make no sense is really fun.

THET113: Fundamentals of Theatre History - ah, Casey, how I've missed you. I'm still surprised he's forgiven me for royally screwing up last year, but I'm glad. He's as amazing and amusing as ever, though he's now wearing his hair spiked in such a way that he looks rather like Puck in plainclothes. His perspective of theatre history should be interesting; he's an actor, not an academic, so he focuses on the "important stuff".

In other unrelated news, I finally finished my mission101 list. Should be amusing to see how I work it. I haven't really written in weeks, and it's driving me crazy. I'll have to see how the rest goes.

Oh, and guess who tried to friend me on Facebook last night/this morning? I was most amused.
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