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OMFG covered in wires. This Holter monitor thing really sucks. So many wires attached to my person. Thank God it's only for one day. That does mean that I have to go to the hopsickle again tomorrow, but I'll survive it somehow. Plus, the family is kidnapping me after and feeding me before taking me back to campus. Yum!

Roommate and her boytoy got me hooked on WoW. I'm playing an undead mage (level 9 at the time of this post). I'm amused at all the bones sticking out of her in odd angles. She has no eyes! (This amuses me way too much.)

Seriously need to write this damn mini-paper for CLAS170. It's stupid; the damned things are basically "have you read the play?" things, but 300 words of drivel rather than just a 5 question quiz. We are not amused.

For your amusement, however, I post the first one I had to write, comparing the Greek creation myth (Chaos through to the birth of the Titans, before Kronos castrates Ouranos) and the first two chapters of Genesis. We had to name and explain three similarities or differences and then say which of the two stories better reflected the natural world. (Yes, I know, what grade are we in?)

One major difference between Greek and Biblical creation is that the former relies heavily on a sexual drive to create, while the latter does not address at all in the original creation, rather leaving it as a sin committed only by mortals after they are thrown out of paradise (Eden). It is reasonable to assume that this is the original set-up for the sex taboo in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, but is an interesting dichotomy. Secondly, there are no monsters in the Biblical creation, while in the Greek creation there are many, from the Cyclopes and Hecatonchires originally birthed from Gaea to the monsters created when Cronus castrated Ouranos. Thirdly, the Greek creation myth does not address the creation of plants, animals, and people, while the Biblical story lays out a specific order and hierarchy for all of “God’s creations”.

It is difficult to say which story better reflects the natural world as we see it, because neither makes much sense compared to the hypotheses and theories of the scientific community. The Biblical story seems to fit better, if only because there are no gods and monsters in our world today, but the creation over a period of six days is vastly different from the timeline determined by the scientific community (there are those that argue that a day in the life of God could be millions of years in the life of man, so both can be true). Also, science has determined that humans evolved rather late on the evolutionary timeline, while the Bible says that Adam was created before the “beasts of the Earth” and then helped God name them. This writer is uncertain which version of the Bible was provided, but it is interesting to note that in the Jewish folktales (which are often in much more detail than their counterparts in the Bible itself) Adam was created after the animals, with Eve created from him, so that mankind was the last of God’s creations.

Ok, seriously going to write this paper now, and then I'll go level up my mage. C's boytoy says I must be level 10 before I go to bed tonight. Heh.

(Heh, Casey defined catharsis in Greek theatre today as an "emotional enema". I was way too amused by this.)


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