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Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Ok, I think I've figured out the method to my brain's madness: CLAS170 is material I already know, so all I have to do is the assignments and go to discussion and I'll be set, hence my skipping lecture; ANTH240 lectures are put up online, so I don't have to go to them, but discussions are still imperative; THET112 is a valueless course for practical application theatre, so it takes a lot of effort for me to get my ass over to it. This is all very well in a purely theoretical sense, but it's really detrimental academically, especially with THET112: we have a midterm tomorrow and I don't know what it's on (but I can ask someone), I've missed the last four classes, I missed one assignment entirely and am turning another in late. This is starting to sound way too much like last year. *shivers*

In other news, the concert and Rocky Horror on Saturday were spiffy. The concert included a Stravinsky piece (Symphony of Psalms) that I rather liked; Stravinsky doing psalms is pretty strange, but I really liked the orchestration, especially the oboe and flute duet at the beginning of the second movement. The Rocky audience was pretty pathetic, but a good time was had by all. starkravingsane and I embarrassed the guy friend of mine we met there, so that's always fun. We're going to be going out to dinner and seeing The Distance from Here on Friday, so that should be fun, too.

Read Richard III last night for THET112 and got myself thoroughly confused. Having Da around is really awesome sometimes; I called the house at like 9p last night and we spent half an hour going over the family trees and orders of succession so I understood it all. Histories are weird.

Really need to get cracking on picfor1000, the various Frankenmixes, and other miscellaneous writing things. *pokes muse with pokey-stick*

Now I should really copy/recreate those ANTH240 notes. But first, a meme.

1. I eat cereal dry. Always. Soggy cereal is gross.

2. I would be perpetually barefoot if it were possible.

3. Despite #2, I have a bit of a shoe fetish. I have been known to buy shoes just because they were cool, and then build outfits around them.

4. The real reason I do cross stitch? Because I need something to do with my hands or else my mind wanders. That's why I do it in class; it's so I can focus.

5. I would wear corsets all the time, if I could get away with it. I'm crazy, but I think they're comfortable.

6. I only wear boring underwear. Plain solid colors, no lace, no frills. It makes shopping a real bitch.

7. I always have at least three-four programs open on any computer I'm using. It used to be more, but now that the laptop is stupid I actually have to cut down a lot on how many things I run at one time.

8. The smaller the space I'm living in, the neater I am. My room at home is always a mess, but I'm vastly better organized when I'm living in a dorm. If you stuck me in a closet-sized space, the level of organization would probably be scary.

9. I really hate cracking eggs. I'm not awful at it -- I've never gotten eggshell in anything I've been cooking -- but I'm just convinced I'm going to get egg all over myself.

10. I don't masturbate. Ever.
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