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Bah, I am a sheep.

Currently addicted to:
1. chocolate
2. tea
3. sex
4. Stargate
5. solitaire
6. skipping class
7. musicals
8. cross-stitch
9. fanfiction
10. WoW

Also, my thoughts on 24. Yes, I know, I'm a sci fi person, so I'm not really one to talk, but god that was awful. Bad acting all around from anyone who was on screen for an extended period (except for the chick who was all but catatonic); I would say that Michael Shanks acted well, but all he did was make out with some chick, stand around in his boxers a lot (yum), and play with some really fake-looking high tech device that let him break into her Blackberry, so it's not like the gave him much to work with in the first place. It seemed like the characters are all written as archetypes (action hero, loyal friend/sidekick, evil shrink, unfaithful woman in position of power, etc), which is never a good sign imho. I also disliked the weird jerky camera work (and that frame-within-a-frame thing; wtf, mate?), but that's something that seems to be popular now (BSG, Painkiller Jane, others), and it's something I dislike across the board. The short version? Boo 24, yay Michael Shanks, doubleplusyay Michael without his shirt on. Is it bad that I'm kind of rooting for the terrorists?

That is all.


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