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Not dead yet!

But it's only a matter of time...

Sort overview of the current situation: Cumulative GPA dipped below 2.0 again, so I have until the end of the (summer) semester to bring it back up or else they dismiss my ass. Panic ensued, as well as frantic meetings with my college's advisor, and now I'm taking two classes, Asian Art History (again) and this ridiculous study skills course. Due to some horrifically bad planning, I'm getting up at 6:30a most mornings, catching at train to campus at 7a, study skills class (EDCP) 9a-10a, art history (ARTH) 12:20p-1:50p, catch another train, and then work starting between 3p and 5p and going until 10p-10:30p, depending on how the close goes.

And then I rush home, eat dinner, read for class, and go to bed so I can do it all over again the next morning. *dies*

The ARTH prof is very nice...but she doesn't speak English. I'm praying that between the textbook and what I can puzzle out of her lectures I'll be ok, but I'm kind of worried. And EDCP, while only one credit, is worth more time, effort, and heartache than the three-credit ARTH! Someone needs to die, precious...

On the plus side, EDCP is apparently an easy A, and I only need a B in ARTH to bring my GPA up to an even 2.0 (it is a sad state of affairs when one three-credit course can bring a cumulative GPA up .43 points; this is partially because I'm retaking it, so it's replacing an existing 0 equivalent, but it still reflects on how few credits I've actually taken in college). Six weeks (four of EDCP) and then I'm done.

Must go. Am on what would technically be a break between the two classes, but the ARTH prof cancelled class today so I have to haul ass to SS to have lunch and go to therapy before I go to work at 6p.

I had other stuff to post, but I think my brain is fried.
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