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God, it's been ages since I've written...

This weekend was much too short, I gotta say. Really could have used another day, but I suppose since I did most of what I needed to get done this weekend, it wasn't a total loss. But I still haven't washed the 'fridge, and that's not good at all. I just need to finish my schedule for EDCP, update shanks_daily and sgboys_daily, pack my stuff for tomorrow, and put the play up on Google Docs (I still haven't given up on Script Frenzy, though I should), and then I can go to bed. Am kind of waiting for the 'rents to get home, but I have to get up at 5:45 so I can take a shower tomorrow morning, so I can't sit up forever.

Some links I've been sitting on for a little while:

Hamlet in netspeak. Even my inner grammar Nazi was too amused to complain about the horrible abuse of the English language. A little long, but totally worth it.

A last two links about the whole WfI thing: an overview of what was really going on, with sources, and a great essay on fear. It looks to be almost over now, minus the journals they're still putting back up, but these things tend to come in threes, and after FanLib and WfI, I'm a little afraid of what the third will be.

And now, a meme that had a really strange answer. Dun really see it m'self. *shrugs*


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