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but oh how I loved everybody else...

Yeah, it's that time again. Ten things I will never say to ten people. One of them is aimed at me, a few at people that don't even read this. Feel free to read, but I'm not going to tell you who's who.

1. You're a nice person, but I hate hate hate working with you. Fine, so you take issue with the way I do things. I can deal with that. But for the love of God, Christ, Allah, Buddha, and any number of forms of Shiva (I can list six off the top of my head right now, do not tempt me), you do not berate your co-workers on the floor in front of customers. Grow some maturity, sweetie. I promise it brings only good things. Oh, and yeah, you probably did make your ex-boyfriend gay, you twit.

2. You're another person I'm not exactly pleased to be working with. I really like you as a person, would consider you a friend, but why is it that no matter how well we're doing for time, we always get out of work late? It does not take 1 to 1.5 hours after the doors close to close up a Starbucks!

3. I really hate how I never get to see you anymore. I miss you so much, but I don't think I'm really going to get to see you this summer, either. I feel like we're drifting apart and it makes me want to cry.

4. You, on the other hand, I don't mind that I'm not seeing much of. I think our current very limited relationship is good for us. At least we're not fighting all the time.

5. I don't care how this sounds: learn English. You're teaching an art history class, but we can't learn a damned thing if you don't have the words to explain it! I'm sure you know your stuff, but how the hell did you get your doctorate here if you don't speak the language?

6. You continue to confuse the hell out of me. Everytime I think I have you figured out, you say something that throws it all out the window. I've thought about it a lot, and you're not going to scare me off, no matter what you say. Just tell me what you want.

7. You are a lazy bum. It's about time you took some initiative. I know you're suffering right now with all the work you're doing, but I promise it'll be good for you in the long-run. If only you'd believe me.

8. Oh, grow up. You're 15, but half the time you act like you're 5. I know they indulge you, but look around. The world is growing up around you, it's time to mature along with it. I love you to bits, but you make me crazy sometimes.

9. How many times must I say this? Stop treating me like I'm five years old! Maybe all the work I'm doing right now will convince you; if not, I don't know what will.

10. You are a liar, a fraud, and a thief. And if you give me any trouble cancelling that thing, I will rain down fire on your ass.


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