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Ok, to translate Friday's post.

The end of last week, I was simultaneously fighting the good fight against the Big Damned Coffee Shop and Resident Life. They're both sorted in my favor, and it really sucked at the time, but now it's just amusing.

The ResLife bit is the simpler of the two. It starts with the fact that the university doesn't seem to understand the difference between a state of being and an action. To explain, when one's cumulative GPA remains below 2.0 for two consecutive semesters, one is "dismissed". However, one then has the next off-semester session (either Winter or the two Summer sessions) to raise hir cumulative GPA above a 2.0, and then the transcript will say "removed from academic dismissal due to [Summer/Winter] performance". Ignoring the grammatical nightmare there, what it basically means is this: if I raise my cumulative GPA (currently 1.52 or something horrifying like that) to a 2.0, which I can do by earning an A in EDCP and at least a B in ARTH, it all goes away and I'll be back at school in the fall. And because of the stated policy, I don't have to apply for reinstatement unless I don't manage the above.

But the darling people at ResLife sent me a letter Thursday night that said I would be tossed out of housing either way if I didn't submit my application for reinstatement, which was due 29 June, the very next day. Insert panic attack, and a round of phone calls to corporate in Seattle, and then I called ResLife Friday morning and gave them hell. Actually got transfered to a manager, who nattered on for a bit and then said that as long as they knew I was actively involved in fixing my academic situation, I was fine with them.

And then the next day (Saturday) I received a formal confirmation of my housing status. Bastards must have put it in the mail as soon as I got off the phone. Amusingly enough, their website still doesn't have the formal details, but that can wait.

BDC can wait until late, must needs go to class. We start Japan today. *waves*


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