November 26th, 2004


Posting First Story

Title: The Woman of the Forest
Rating: PG
Fandom/Original: Original
Summary: "They never knew quite what she was, a human gone wild or a faeren queen, a woodland sprite or the Devil in disguise. But, as is most often the case with the race of men, ignorance led to fear and fear to hatred. And, as any good child of man knows, that which is hated and feared must be destroyed."
My usual brand of questionable theology; no likey, no ready
Am looking for advice on the way I've written the ending. Please tell me whether you a) like it that way or b) think I shoudl change it, and please elaborate. Beta-ed by my good pal Celebriel.

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A slightly belated Happy Thanksgiving to one and all

count-down to acceptance/rejection from NYU: 19 days

I think this year I really want to thank all of you who have stood by me through these past three and a half years, through Palmers and failed auditions, mood swings and loads of homework, rants of all sorts and fights with my folks. I would especially like to send many lovely hugs to those wonderful eight who are standing by me in this period of uncertainty. I love you all.