April 19th, 2006


Slash_100 prompt 065 and Stages of Love (Pt 2) 4

slash_100 prompt 065: Healing (progress: 19/100)
big damn table

second run of stagesoflove, Trouble in Paradise, week 4: reconciliation and a continuation of the first run (progress: 4/5)
progress in stagesoflove

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Feedback is better than chocolate.
fuck the system

Happy Birthday to Me

Wow. Can't believe that one. It kinda snuck up on me this year, somehow.

Am v. annoyed at laptop. Something's wrong with either the fan or the powercord's transformer, which means that the thrice-damned thing overheats and shuts down without warning. Dad and I are going to experiment to figure out which one has the issue, and then call Gateway, but I really did not need this right now. Oh, computers. *headdesk*
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Honestly, I'd have to call this a non-birthday; being alone most of the day keeps it from sinking in. Fifteen thousand people wished me happy birthday on my Facebook wall (including Jack O'Neill and Sam Carter, which had me in stitches, but no Daniel), and Mum and Da called from work, but it didn't really sink in until they got home, teased me for about three hours straight, and then took me out to dinner to a Thai restaurant I really like. My surrogate aunt got me the DVD of Rent, and the grand'rents say they've sent a check, but my brother apparently forgot to give me my birthday present and my parents didn't get me anything. O.O It's not really a huge deal, but I'm allowed to pout about it for another *checks clock* hour or so.

In other news, the laptop is fine. Da and I decided that what must have happened was the fan got blocked for a little while yesterday, which caused it to overheat (I use it in bed a lot, so the comforter is the likely suspect). But once given time to fully cool down, it was fine. *hugs it*

Mum and Da have also decided that I'm family secretary now. Mum's had me confirming appointments for her (I've suddenly found my soothing psycho-analyst voice, I'm very amused), and now Da's decided that I get to help him man the NLM booth at a conference on Friday. Basically, it means I get to sit in a cold conference room for ten or twelve hours and hand out fliers/free pens/pads/etc, chatter about how amazing NLM is, and "look cute", to quote Da. Have done it before for much shorter periods, but this should be amusing.
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