December 22nd, 2008

abandon hope

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managed to do some serious damage to my right elbow. might be broken. was at urgent care at 3a. xrays inconclusive. need to see specialist later today. dad is pissy that i didn't call him to drive me, or walk down the street to the hospital.

fuck you, world. i give up.
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tomorrow i have appointments with therapist and orthopedic surgeon. wednesday i have appointment with possible new shrink. thursday i have an appointment with a few beers. bleh.

at least i seem to still have a job. not that i can work, since i'm crippled and all, but it's the thought that counts, right? once i know for sure the elbow status, i intend to negotiate with boss and bossboss.

i feel like a(n) one-armed ee cummings. at least i have a reason for the lack of caps.

and a merry fucking christmas to you all, too.

(i'm going to try to be good and not type much, because i'm afraid overusing my left will fuck up my wrist even more. if i wind up with no usable hands, i will cry.)