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Course Schedule and First Impressions

Yeah, so have had enough class to have a sense of what they're about and how they're going to go.

ASTR100, Intro to Astronomy (non-lab): Professor is pretty neat, and makes the material interesting with lots of moving diagrams and stuff on the computer; also has knowledge of how to use PowerPoint correctly, that the gods of presentations. TA is endearingly geeky, though I think I scared him with the shirt I was wearing today (see below). First lecture included the prof blowing up a hydrogen-filled balloon by poking it with a match, and discussion section today involved testing whether astrology works (by using math and the scientific method), so that was fun. Daily readings, weekly homeworks, activities in lecture and discussion, three midterms plus final, but it's Astronomy for Poets so it should be fun. Class meets MWF 9a-10a, discussion W 10a-11a.

HIST111, Medieval History: Professor is...eccentric, to say the least. Snorefest lecture, clueless TA, but hopefully with the skills learned from Mr. Hines and IB will be enough to get me through with flying colors. Interestingly, the class is starting with Rome (early Christianity = Rome, doncha know, but I still don't like it), and it's going to be over a week before we talk about the downsides of the Roman Empire; if I hear the phrase pax Romana one more time, I may scream. TA also has no respect for the prof, but isn't so good at leading discussion, so I have no idea. Lots of reading, weekly homeworks of stupid, two papers, midterm and final, though allandaros says most of the reading isn't necessary. Class meets MW 1p-2p, discussion W 2p-3p.

THET115, Fundamentals of Play Analysis: Professor is a complete ditz (I suspect I'll be complaining about her a lot), but the subject (analysing plays for production) is something I think is neat, so I'll suffer through it. Daily plays to read plus commentary and such, weekly responses, multiple projects, midterm and practical final; thank God 113 (history) prepared me for this. Did I mention she's a complete flake? Class meets TuTh 9:30a-10:45a, no discussion.

THET116, Fundamentals of Design: This one I'm really looking forward to. Taught by two professors, so that's a little odd, and we're going to be taking intensive notes all this week, but after that it's all practical. I have an X-acto knife of my very own now! Minimal reading, multiple projects, vocab quiz next week, no midterm but final exam. Class meets TuTh 3:30p-5:30p, no discussion.

Was originally going to be taking Intro to LGBT Studies, but it was going to be too much reading, on top of everything else. Will still be taking at some point, and I'm considering looking into getting a certificate (= minor) in LGBT Studies, since superboner and I had been muttering about starting a queer theatre someday. Thoughts?

Speaking of queer, the ASTR TA story: I was supposed to mention to him today that I'll be missing lecture in November (for the convention), but I didn't remember when I got dressed this morning. My shirt? "Just because I'm a lesbian doesn't mean I want to convert you; I have high standards." *facepalm* I think I scared him. Oh well.

Now to get laundry out of dryer and then sit down to write.


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Sep. 6th, 2007 04:58 am (UTC)
hehe..that tshirt sounds firmilliar ;)

PS, I love you :) :)
Sep. 6th, 2007 12:32 pm (UTC)
Thank you, babe. I love you to.
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