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I'm not dead!

...though there are moments when not even I am convinced of that fact.

I swear to God I haven't actually disappeared, I've just been having a freak-out induced period of reclusivity (yes, Firefox, that's not a word, but I don't care), wherein I only venture out to bake, rehearse, work bake-sales, and occasionally eat. There will be postage, I promise, but I have a rant building, so bear with me.

In other news, I don't even want to think about how far behind on NaNo I am right now. I decided that a novel just wasn't happening, so I decided to do short stories instead, but all I've written is a little more than 1000 words on the bus back home from the convention. I even have ideas, but the aforementioned freak-out has kept me from being constructive in any real way.

Oh, and dear LJ informs me that a few people have friended me recently. I promise, it's rather boring around here; the fic all lives on writers_island, and I'm as likely to post memes, bitching, and/or navel-gazing here than I am to post anything of any real use. Feel free to stick around anyway, I'm always glad to have new minions readers.

Chinese takeaway is due in about half an hour, so I'm going to pretend I'm working on my queer retelling of Puss in Boots (would the puss/pussy jokes be too easy if I did it as femmeslash?) and really play spider solitaire and stare at the wall.

Here, have a meme:

Six Ships I Like:
1. Daniel/Jack
2. Remus/Sirius
3. Hermione/Ron
4. Rodney/John
5. Jack Carter/Allison Blake
6. Mac/PC <- Going to hell, I know.

Three Ships I've Abandoned:
7. Logan/Rogue
8. Duo/Heero
9. Harry/Ron

Three Ships I've Never Liked
10. Snape/Remus
11. Mal/Jayne
12. Jack/Sam

Two Ships That Have Piqued My Interest:
13. Sam/Dean
14. Dumbledore/Grindelwald

1. why do you dislike #11 so much? (Mal/Jayne)
I'm usually a text- or at least subtext-based 'shipper, and I just don't see it. Plus, it squicks me hardcore.

2. Who is someone you know that ships #13? (Sam/Dean)

3. What would be your ideal scenario for couple #3? (Hermione/Ron)
I like the way JKR did that one, mostly. It's the only text-based romantic relationship I think she did an justice to at all (Harry/Ginny never felt real, and don't even get me started on Remus/Tonks).

4. Which is your favorite episode for #1? Try to pick just one. (Daniel/Jack)
Oh God, only one? I guess the single best moment is the Microphone Fiasco in "Urgo", but I love "Shades of Grey" and "Abyss" and "The Shroud" and...

5. How long have you been following couple #6? (Mac/PC)
It has to be less than a year. The comm's about a year and a half old, but I certainly haven't been around there nearly that long. I didn't even see that ads when they first came out.

6. What's the story with #8? What made you stop liking them/caring? (Duo/Heero)
I've largely left anime fandom, and I left Gundam Wing with it. I dip back in periodically, but I really only shipped second-hand to begin with, so without those connections I lost interest.

7. Which ship do you prefer - #2 or #4? (Remus/Sirius or Rodney/John)
Remus/Sirius, hands down. I only ship Rodney/John because I like the way people write it, not because I see it in the show or would ever really write it myself.

8. You have the power to make one ship non-existent. Choose from #10 or #12. (Snape/Remus or Jack/Sam)
Oh jeez. Snape/anyone makes me pissy, but I guess I'd rather take the Jack/Sam text out of Stargate canon than mess with crazy Snape fans. I see Sam as being the little black dress of SG-1 fandom (seriously, I mentally 'ship her with Teal'c, Pete, Janet, and Mitchell in turns). That being said, if Jack/Sam was written better in canon (all I ask for is consistency, guys), I'd be a lot more tolerant.

9. What interests you about #14? (Dumbledore/Grindelwald)
That JKR said the fans were right? No, seriously though, I like that kind of relationship dynamic; I seem to be a big fan of the hopeless romances (see the list). Also, Dumbles forever pining after Gellert would explain why he's still alone when he reaches the ripe old age of however the hell old he his by the time the books take place.

10. When did you stop liking #7? (Logan/Rogue)
Eh, lost interest, I guess. I'd like to say I moved on to bigger and better things, but that's not exactly fair.

11. Did your waning interest in #9 kill your interest in the show books? (Harry/Ron)
No, not really. I only really liked it because there was some good fic and art, but really, Hermione has Ron wrapped around her little finger.

12. What's a song that reminds you of #5? (Jack Carter/Allison Blake)
"Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps" - Cake, because it was clear the writers had no idea where they were going with this.

And then they decided they wanted Allison back with Stark and that the show should be made out of suck so I'm edging into ambivalent at this point.

13. Which of these ships do you love the most?
Oh, so hard! It's definitely a tie between Daniel/Jack and Remus/Sirius. I guess I feel like JKR really betrayed us on the latter, so I'll have to go with the former.

14. Which do you dislike the most?
Eh, I'll have to go with Jack/Sam. The half-hearted why TPTB have gone about their relationship would not fly in a fanfic world, and I expect better of what I see on the screen. And yes, before anyone asks, I support the strike, but the Stargate writers need a good talking-to.

15. If you could have any of these two pairings double date, who would it be? (even better if they're from different shows)

Daniel/Jack and Rodney/John. Since they're the same damned characters, I suspect it would be amusing.

16. Have #2 kissed yet? Elaborate if you'd like. (Remus/Sirius)
IN MY MIND, THEY HAVE! But no, and alas, it was never meant to be.

17. Did #4 have a happy ending? If the show hasn't ended yet, do you think a happy ending is likely? (Rodney/John)
Assuming they don't manage to get themselves killed anytime soon, I anticipate those two gallivanting around Pegasus until Daniel and Jack arrive to crash the party.

18. What would make you start shipping #14? (Dumbledore/Grindelwald)
A personal shift back to Harry Potter fandom, and some time to do some actual research. For some reason, I feel like they deserve a longer story, and I'm just not prepared to write that right now. But I'd love to read it, if someone would point me in the right direction.

19. If only one could happen, which would you prefer - #2 or #6? (Remus/Sirius or Mac/PC)
Remus/Sirius, hands down. First, because there should be more queers in HP (my bets for others to come out would be those two and McGonagall in all her spinster glory). And second, because actual computer porn is freaky.

20. You have the power to decide the fate of #10. What happens to them? (Snape/Remus)
Snape dies in a useless fashion and James beats the crap out of him in the afterlife for thinking impure thoughts about Lily. Remus and Sirius live happily ever after. The end.


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(Deleted comment)
Nov. 11th, 2007 04:13 pm (UTC)
Re: Did I do it right?
You are such a loveable dork.
Nov. 11th, 2007 04:18 pm (UTC)
Re: Did I do it right?
You skipped a few answers, though.

And OMG, am tempted to metaquotes some of that, but I'm not sure anyone else will find it as funny as I am right now.
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