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Rant: Religion, Music, and Transportation

So, the Washington Post does a contest every year for singers, dancers, and musician, a scholarship thing that's relatively new but a really good idea, since music in schools is largely ignored (but that is another rant).

I entered.

Today I got a letter. I'm a finalist.

There are three rehearsal dates: one on 15 Sept for placement in the finale number, one on 21 Sept, and one on 22 Sept. The show where they announce the winners is 8 Oct.

15 Sept. is erev Rosh Hashanah. For those non-Jews among us, that's the night that the festivites (read: guilt trip) for the New Year begin. My mom, hearing this, proceeds to rant about how inconsiderate it is for them to put this on a holiday and how they wouldn't put it on a Christian holiday and all that shit. And then when I tell her it doesn't matter, she begins ranting about how it should matter because it goes against everything I believe it.

fallacy #1: Rosh Hashanah is actually a minor holiday, blown out of proportion (like Hannukah) by the religious and political strife between Christianity and Judaism. The most important Jewish holidays are actually the harvest ones (i.e. Passover, Sukkot, and Shavuot).

fallacy #2: I am not a practicing Jew. I identify with it culturally being a part of who I am, but I do not believe in God and devinity the way Judiasm defines them. I just don't see it as working that way.

fallacy #3: Yes, I am a proponent of freedom of speech and religion, but I don't think this is the time and place to go yell at them about this. They have only scheduled the rehearsal that way out of ignorance, not spite, and I am not the one to enlighten them.

And now Mom's comparing me to Hank Greenberg (Jewish baseball player (not a relative of mine, sadly) who, though not religious, would not play baseball on Jewish holidays). I am not Hank Greenberg. He was in a public situation during a time period when they needed someone to do what he did. I am not going to martyr myself for this. It's not fucking worth it.

Unlike what my mother says, I know how to pick my battles.

This is not my battle to fight. Not yet, anyway.


talk amongst yourselves. . .


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