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Year in Review Meme, Part 3 (of 4)

And now, fannish memes. This one's writing-specific, the next one's fandoms in general. Feel free to wander off.

How many fics did you post?


How many words did you post?

Fandom Breakdown:
Stargate: SG-1 - 16 fic, 13026 words
Harry Potter - 4 fic, 1083 words
Stargate: Atlantis - 1 fic, 984 words
Eureka - 1 fic, 200 words
original - 2 fic, 4575 words
crossover (SG-1/others) - 2 fic, 2396 words

Story Breakdown:
Gen: 6
Het: 1
Slash: 16
Femmeslash: 2

Rating Breakdown:
G: 11
PG: 3
PG-13: 5
R: 0
NC-17: 5

Challenges, Recs, and Awards:
continuing, slash_100 (37/100)
continuing, au100 (11/50)
continuing, wtf27 (4/20)
continuing, blanketforts (26/31)
in February, participated in picfor1000 Year 5
in March, participated in International Fuzzy Bathrobe Day challenge
in March, participated in Slasher's Dionysia 2007
in April, participated in remix_redux V
in April, participated in oxoniensis' Hugs, Kisses, and Cuddles challenge
in May, participated in loveforthefolks Mom Challenge
in June, participated in jd_commentfic's Porn Tree
in July, participated in trelkez's J/D Ficathon IV
in September-October, participated in jd_commentfic's Kissathon
in September, submitted to imaginarybeasts Book #5

If you've recced a fic of mine and I missed it, please let me know. I'd like to thank anyone who takes the time to rec my fic.

Stories By Month:
An Apple a Day - Day 3 (SG-1/others, basically gen, G) AU. “Hellooo, nurse!”
An Apple a Day - Day 4 (SG-1/others, Daniel/Jack, NC-17) AU. "There’s no big red shiny button."

February: 6
Stripped of All One's Torments (HP, gen, G) book 3. Remus dusted the snow off the rock and sat down, coat wrapped tightly around him to ward off the chill.
There Is No Foot (HP, Remus/Sirius implied, G) post-Hogwarts Marauders. The offended appendage kicked out and then disappeared under the mound of blankets.
Floors (HP, Remus/Sirius UST, G) post-Hogwarts Marauders. Waking up the morning after a moon is never easy, Remus reflects as he slowly comes to.
Cold (HP, gen, G) sometime after book 3. The...whatever it is beyond the Veil is full of shadows and so very, very cold.
Provenience (SG-1, Daniel/Jack, PG-13) any season. “I love it when you talk dirty...rocks,” Jack said, voice overdramatic and breathy. “It really turns me on.”
Ab esse ad posse (SG-1, Daniel/Jack UST, G) spoilers for 4.03, 4.05, tag for 4.06. “You could do anything for as long as you want without having to worry about consequences, and you play golf?”

March: 4
The Morning After (SG-1, Daniel/Jack, PG-13) s3 or s4 implied. I can’t believe him. The smug little bastard’s run off with my bathrobe.
Sweater (SG-1, Daniel/Jack, G) s7. "You know, I’m really torn about that sweater."
Galatea (original, f/f, PG-13 // 6) “Stop me if you’ve heard this one before,” Eros bitched, right wing twitching idly.
Women's Work (SG-1, Daniel/Jack, PG-13) any season. “Damn this thing to Netu!”

April: 3
All Around My Hat (SG-1, Daniel/Jack pre-slash, G) s6. And if anyone should ask me / The reason why I'm wearing it, / It's all for my true love, / Who is far, far away
Control (Atonal Cadenza Remix) (Atlantis, John/Teyla UST, implied John/Rodney, PG) 3.02 missing scene. This mind is unfamiliar. Stronger than a warrior or most drones. Not as powerful as a queen. Focused. Purposeful, but not with the brutality of a queen, nor the lack of free will of the others.
Oh, What a Beautiful Morning (SG-1, Daniel/Jack, G) any season. Jack wakes slowly, smiling up at the ceiling washed with early sunlight.

May: 1
Rain Child (Eureka, gen, G) s1. The hardest part of raising an autistic savant isn’t the silent spells.

June: 3
Budget Meeting (SG-1, Daniel/Jack, NC-17) s9 or s10. After a long, boring day of paperwork, it was the last thing Jack expected to see when he opened his front door.
Text-Based Evidence (SG-1, Daniel/Jack, NC-17) any season. Daniel's fingers splayed over the alien text, his touch light like a lover's.
Alternate (SG-1, Daniel/Jack, NC-17) 10.20 AU. Who said she could touch him?

July: 1
Misunderstanding (SG-1, Daniel/Jack, NC-17) any season. You're a much better damsel in distress than Carter. I guess it's because you have more practice.

August: 0
I recall spending a good portion of August recuperating from teeth out and then the announcement that the 'rents were splitting up. I think those are good excuses.

September: 2
Pissy (SG-1, Daniel/Jack, PG) any season. "For the last time, Jack, stop touching things!"
Danse Macabre - Ghost Story (original, f/f, m/m, PG-13 // 6) "Yes and no," Jul said thoughtfully, tapping one finger against the rod. "Whatever it is, it's on the other side."

October: 2
Negotiations (SG-1, Daniel/Jack, PG) any season. "Three days of negotiation," he spat, without preamble.
Two Thousand Miles and a Phonecall Away (SG-1, Daniel/Jack pre-slash) s9. Jack's chuckle drifted down the phone line.

November: 0
I was theoretically doing NaNo. So I got nothing done at all.

December: 0
I blame school.

Who do you have to thank?

triannamaxwell, mar_sin_nua, jaebi_lit, kedawen, starkravingsane, brainofck, theemdash, and prionx_rok for beta-reading and hand-holding. theemdash for ego-stroking. mar_sin_nua for being amazing. celleri_kun for her awesome art. Everyone who read my fic.

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?
Well, I didn't make any predictions, but I feel like I wrote less than I'd expected. Probably because there are about a million unfinished things on my hard drive right now. I should get on that...

Story that surprised you:
Provenience: I really wasn't expecting it to work as well as it did.

Story that was most assuredly inspired by insanity:
An Apple a Day: I think it's pretty clear, no? :P

Hottest story:
Text-Based Evidence: Dirty, off-world sex; what's not to like?

Most difficult story to write:
Control (Atonal Cadenza Remix): Hands down. New fandom? Difficult source material (the fic I was remixing)? Writing the fic from the POV of a spaceship?! Yeah, I think that qualifies. I'm really excited that it turned out so well, though.

Story you'd write differently now:
There Is No Foot: The premise was sound, but the application? Yeuch.

All Around My Hat: I putzed around with this fic for over a year before I posted it, and I'm still not really happy with it. It's too stilted, too...OOC. I really wish, now, that I'd run it past a good beta.

Most fun story to write:
Women's Work: Yeah, I know I'm going to hell, but you're all coming with me. :D

Favorite story:
Danse Macabre - Ghost Story: I love this 'verse, and I really love the way this story came out. I swear to God I'm going to work on it some more, maybe put together a book of short stories to send to a publisher or something. :D

Favorite character to write:
Jack O'Neill (SG-1): I love Daniel to bits, but I really tried to channel my Jack voice this year (in An Apple a Day, Misunderstanding, and the various bantery fic). I'd like to think it worked.

modern!Eros (original, Galatea): He wasn't there for long, but he was so much fun!

Jul (original, Danse Macabre): Something about her just resonates with me when I'm writing her.

Top 3 Favorite opening lines:
The Morning After: I can’t believe him. The smug little bastard’s run off with my bathrobe.

Women's Work: “Damn this thing to Netu!” Jack cursed and Daniel looked up from his book as the embroidery hoop clattered as it was tossed on the table. He chuckled and Jack glared at him over the tops of his reading glasses even as he began to sort out the tangle of plastic rings and needle and fabric and thread. “It’s not funny.”

Pissy: "For the last time, Jack, stop touching things!"

Top 3 Favorite closing lines:
Cold: On and on, one foot in front of the other, until he forgets why he’s walking, where he’s going, who he is; he just knows he has to keep moving forward, ever forward. He finally reaches the big black thing and it all comes back to him as he falls through: he’s going home.

Text-Based Evidence: "Sir," Carter's voice on radios crackled into life, and both men jumped. "I know better than to ask what you two are doing, but could you remember to turn your radios off next time?"

Two Thousand Miles and a Phonecall Away: They stayed on the phone a little longer, and if he closed his eyes Daniel could imagine Jack's breath on his cheek before he disconnected the call.

The Completely Self-Indulgent 15 Other Favorite Bits From This Year:
An Apple a Day - Day 3: One of the dog things – the taller one – let out a wolf whistle and suddenly both he and the one in the baseball cap were in Fraiser’s arms yelling, “Hellooo, nurse!”

“I’m a physician, thank you,” she said, dumping them on the floor, but something clicked in Jack’s brain.

“Animaniacs!” Jack yelled, and everyone in the room turned to stare at him. “Wakko, Yakko, and Dot, the Warner brothers and Warner sister,” he clarified, pointing each of them in turn. “And the escape artists are Pinky and the Brain. They’re from a cartoon, Animaniacs.”

A “Narf!” sounded from Teal’c’s pocket and Jack chuckled. “And you know this why?” Daniel asked.

An Apple a Day - Day 3: "Really...Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"

Provenience: “I want to use seriation to carefully remove your layers to preserve for later study.”

Ab esse ad posse: “Golf?” Daniel asked again, incredulous. “You could do anything for as long as you want without having to worry about consequences, and you play golf?”

The Morning After: The faded green flannel is stretched tight against his shoulders, but the cuffs still brush the knuckles of the hand hanging by his side. There’s a tantalizing triangle of lightly-tanned chest visible above the loosely-tied belt, and the hem reveals those shapely legs from the knee down. He’s not wearing his glasses and his hair is standing up in adorable tufts all over his head, the left side flattened from where he must have slept on it. The whole image tugs at something in my chest that I should probably look closely at. Right now, though, I’m not going to bother. I have better things to do.

Galatea: “Stop me if you’ve heard this one before,” Eros bitched, right wing twitching idly.

Galatea: “Mother, you’re dripping on me!” Eros complained peevishly. “These are True Religion jeans.”

Galatea: “Good sex is thanks enough,” Aphrodite said with a dirty laugh.

Text-Based Evidence: "You are such a slut, Dannyboy," Jack whispered, kissing the skin just under his ear.

"And you're jealous of a wall," Daniel said, but Jack could hear the slight catch in his voice.

Misunderstanding: You're a much better damsel in distress than Carter. I guess it's because you have more practice.

Misunderstanding: They were standing close together by the sink, Daniel's arms still wrapped around himself, damp dishtowel trailing from one hand. Jack touched the little tuft of hair that stuck out at Daniel's temple and tucked it behind his ear. "Jack?" Continuing the motion, Jack cupped Daniel's jaw, thumb brushing over his lower lip. His lips parted and Jack's thumb slipped inside. He groaned when he felt Daniel's tongue trail delicately over the tip, and removed it to replace it with his lips.

Danse Macabre - Ghost Story: "I distinctly remember you trying to convince Mike to evict us because I was a Satanist and a lesbian," Jul pointed out, and Mrs. O'Grady had the decency to blush.

Danse Macabre - Ghost Story: "You're telling me Lilith, Queen of Hell and consort of Satan, was in our apartment?"

Danse Macabre - Ghost Story: "You just have a thing for priests," Jul said, and Varinia laughed but didn't disagree. "Demons respond to that kind of thing, not ghosts. And anyway, Mrs. O'Grady would probably have a heart attack at the very thought of a female priest, much less a lesbian one. No killing the neighbors," she added when Varinia chuckled evilly.

Negotiations: "Three days of negotiation," he spat, without preamble. "Three days to negotiate to see their 'secret weapon' and all we get is -- "

"Horseshit," Jack supplied, grinning. He should dial down the amusement a bit, he knew, but Daniel was too furious to notice and Jack couldn't help himself.

"Horseshit!" Daniel agreed, hands waving as he paced.

"They said it was good fertilizer," Jack offered but Daniel just growled at him.


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