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Not Dead

Just stupid-busy.

Will have to do an actual life update post later. Basically, I'm going to the MVA with A and her girlfriend today to get my learner's permit (finally!!!) (shut up, I know) and then to Frederick's of Hollywood to probably not buy a new corset for me to wear to the show (I have no monies!). Speaking of show, I shall have to do an ad for that here in a bit, too...

Somehow, I'm going to finish the program mock-up today and pack, since I go back to the dorms tomorrow, and then classes start on Monday. I'm...looking forward to them, I guess? I definitely want to go back to school; I'm climbing the walls here. Even with work (had my last day, at least for a bit, on Wednesday) and Monologues stuff. You can see how pervasive the omgbored is.

Hokay, so wish me luck! And have a meme:

1. I have just enough OCD that you'll often find me spontaneously organizing things, either in alphabetical order, based on color, or in some order that only makes sense to me. I've mostly managed to make it work in my favor.

2. My hands are always cold. I will actually sit around in my room or classes in these very thin gloves my parents got me for that exact purpose.

3. I eat my cereal dry. With milk on the side. But never together.

4. I can't help but mentally correct the grammar of others, including in conversation. I generally keep from correcting people out loud, though. And yes, I do judge you if you use poor grammar.

5. I own a (to me) ridiculous number of pairs of shoes, but I tend to wear only two or three pairs on a regular basis. And that includes the dominatrix boots.

6. I can no longer watch theatre or other live performance without trying to figure out how things worked. It's very distracting, but to me and to the poor people I might be with. That's why I'm so easy to please when it comes to television: I have no idea how most of the effects work, and I'm perfectly happy to remain in the dark for the sake of mindless entertainment. I'm incredibly easy to please. (Movies, on the other hand, I am very critical of, especially when they're based on books. No, I don't get it, either.)

7. Yes, I'm going to turn 21 before I get my driver's license. Pathetic, I know.


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Jan. 26th, 2008 03:27 pm (UTC)
How much does a corset set you back? I've wanted to buy one but I only know of that Forbidden Fruit shop up in Wintergreen Plaza behind Niwanohana and near Aardvark.

Good luck with the permit!
Jan. 26th, 2008 10:26 pm (UTC)
Forbidden Fruit is shite.

A corset with real lacing is going to be a minimum of $50. A real corset, with steel boning and the whole thing, can easily be a minimum $100. On the other hand, some of the "historical" (read: Renn Faire) ones can be much cheaper, but the quality can be pretty poor sometimes.

(If you want a historically-accurate, good-quality corset, be prepared to pony up anywhere between barely $100 and $200+ [depending on the period]. If you're looking for modern lingerie stuff, it varies a great deal from store to store.)

Depends on what you're actually looking for, how serious you are, and how important breathing is. :D

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