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Other Duties As Assigned

This is the story of my life:

At work today, either some customer or the wind managed to rip the hydraulic thing that keeps the door from closing too quickly half out of the door frame and door itself. The block part was hanging on by one screw (two were still in their holes but pulled out of the wall and the fourth was entirely gone) and the arm part had gotten itself wedged so that door was stuck open. One of our regulars brought it to my attention, and, since I'm Tool Girl, I went to take a look at it.

Took one look at it and then went in the back to grab our ladder and a screw driver. (We own exactly one, but it happened to be the right shape and size, thank Thespis.) With the help of a customer, who held the door open so I could get the angles right, I removed the remaining screws and took them mechanism down. Then I locked the door and tried to fix it. The door frame and the door itself are made out of hollow aluminum pipes, so they'd had holes drilled into them, with threads so the screws could grip. The screws were fine (minus one being missing), but the holes had been stripped and the pipes themselves were slightly warped from the pressure. I declared it unfixable (without the judicious application of things like an electric drill, which I left in my other purse :D), put a sign up to say to use our side door to go in and out, and deposited the door mechanism and a bag containing the screws on the desk in the back room.

[I spent about half an hour total up the ladder. The customer who helped me, a man in his 50s who likely did contracting for a living, seemed pleasantly surprised that I was willing to get my hands dirty, and chatted with me about the stupidity of the design of the door/frame and my hardware credentials while I worked. For contrast, a trio of women of around the same age sitting at a table nearby spent the whole time staring at me like I was an animal in a zoo. And one of the women even all but said that I should get one of my male coworkers to deal with it. Dear God, whatever happened to women's lib?]

Then, of course, our District Manager arrived. (I must note here that the man is > 6' tall and almost certainly played football in college. He's rather scary-looking, but a real sweet man and he thinks I'm too smart for my job; he's been trying to get me to train for shift manager since three months in.) He came in the side door, glaring, and spotted me coming out of the back room with my hands covered in grease. I quickly explained what had happened, including showing him the holes and convex bits of the frame, and then he went to harass the assistant manager about calling the repair guys to come fix it. I declared it no longer my problem and went to wash my hands and take a well-deserved break. The repair guys came to fix it around when I left, so it should be fine when I go in tomorrow.

Dude, this is at least the fourth thing I've fixed since I started working there (I put up the tea racks on the wall, fixed the CD display, changed the over-complicated light bulb in the ladies' room, and fixed one of the light fixtures over the bar, and I'm sure there are things I"m forgetting). I deserve a raise, man, or at least a bonus.

Also, I finally made myself that icon. Isn't it awesome?

Also also, C came to visit me on my break. I miss her so much! *cries*

Also also also, Dad's car battery died while he was waiting for me to get off work, so I got to learn how to jump a car today. Much more complicated that it has any right to be.

Also4, I'm working 2p-8p tomorrow. I know some of you are around and can come visit me. *strong hint*
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