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God, why am I still up?

I just did coding for fan_grammarians and did up the letter I'm sending to Rita, so I shall reward myself with a meme before I settle in to write a bit before bed.

Note to self: stop taking out your bad day on innocent bystanders. You can be a jerk sometimes, you know that?

Stargate Meme

1. Who is your favorite SG-1 character?

Daniel, as if you'd have expected anything else. Classic Sam (pre-Samgate) comes in second, with Jack and Janet tied for third.

2. Who is your favorite Atlantis character?
Beckett, followed by Weir

3. What is your favorite SG-1 episode?
Oh, all the painful ones: "Meridian" and "Abyss" and "Shades of Grey" and "The Shroud" and "Talion". I'm a glutton for punishment.

4. Who is your favorite villain? (in SG-1)
Ba'al. Evil character, but the actor's a sweetheart. He autographed a picture for me to give to my brother for his birthday at last year's convention!

5. Who is your favorite villain? (in Atlantis)
Michael, hands down. Though I find it hard to take his more human forms seriously, because I keep picturing Trip.

6. P-90 or Zat?
P-90. Three shots make things disappear? I think not...

7. You'll be...Jaffa or Tok'ra?
Tok'ra. I'm not really the warrior type, and I'd punch any man who called me "woman".

8. Goa'uld mother ship or X-303?
X-303 all the way. I never like the Las Vegas interior decorating the Goa'uld all seem to favor.

9. Ori or Ancient?
Oh, eew. I'd have to go with neither. The Ancients piss me off as a group, and I can't even pick the Ori because they're such crap bad guys

10. Who is the best O'Neill.. Kurt Russell or Richard Dean Anderson?
11. The best Daniel Jackson...James Spader or Michael Shanks?
If you have to ask this, you haven't been paying attention.

12. Asgard or Replicator?
Replicator. Killer Legos never get old.

13. Who is the best leader of Atlantis, Weir or Carter?
Weir. Carter was completely unqualified for the position, and I've never had an affection for the SuperCarter! of the later seasons. Plus, it was awesome having a civilian's perspective in such a high position.

14. Who is best leader of the SGC...Hammond, O'Neill, Weir, or Landry?
Hammond. He's perfect military, in a realistic way. Jack's too much of a free spirit to be The Man, Weir's much better suited to Atlantis, and Landry's a complete non-entity to me.

15. Jonas Quinn or Vala Mal Doran?
Ugh, Vala. But only because I hate Quinn more than I hate her. Good minor character, should never have been part of the main team even if Claudia Black is smoking hot.

16. Col. Mitchell or Dr. Fraiser?
Fraiser. Mitchell is so characterless, even with all the centric episodes they tried to use to develop hie character. He was just half of Jack O'Neill (the other half being Vala), and I was still too mad about Jack leaving to really get attached. Plus, Janet, what's there not to love?

17. Who would you kill first . . . Apophis, Ba'al, Cronos, Hathor, Yu, or Anubis?
Well, I know I'd kill Ba'al last, because he's so amusing. Probably Hathor, because she doesn't quite manage to be evil enough for my tastes. Then Apophis, for the same reason.

18. Keller or Beckett?
Beckett! Love that man. (And he gives awesome hugs.)

19. In a 1 on 1 fight, who would win . . . Teal'c or Ronon?
Teal'c, because he's older and sneakier, but I wouldn't put money on it...

20. What is your favorite Atlantis episode?
"The Tao of Rodney", surprisingly enough. Rodney tends to annoy me, but I really like that ep.

21. Carter or McKay?
Classic Carter. McKay is annoying, and SuperCarter making me want to rip out my ovaries.

22. Dr. Bill Lee or Radek Zelenka?
Despite our shared love of WoW, I'm going to have to go with Zelenka.

23. Stargate the movie (1994) or The Ark Of Truth?
The original. Jack O'Neil made me want to shake some sense into him, but the Jack/Daniel was there even then.

24. Major Lorne or Major Davis?
Oooh. Davis, for managing to be such a flamer. :D

25. and finally, SG-1 or Atlantis?
If you don't know the answer to this, get the hell out of my journal. :D


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Mar. 26th, 2008 04:58 am (UTC)
24. Major Lorne or Major Davis?
Oooh. Davis, for managing to be such a flamer. :D

Haha - For. The. Win!!
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