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Calling All Geeks!

Two questions for those of you who aren't just pretending to be technologically-inclined:

First, I want to buy another external hard drive. At least 300+ gigs, already in casing, for no more than $100 if possible. Where should I be looking? (I bought Midget from TigerDirect and did not have a great experience with them.)

Second, I'm doing a bike ride to raise money for hemophilia research, and I was going to pester people for donations, but I've got no idea how to gather the money into one place from anyone who might want to donate who're out of town. I was thinking PayPal, maybe, and then I could write a check from my account for the lot of it, but can I work it that way? Help?

Yeah, I fail at geek.

(Oh, and I'm hard at work at the prompts. If you still want to prompt me, I'm collecting them here.)


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Sep. 10th, 2008 09:09 pm (UTC)
Well, I've gotten all of my Externals (3 so far) from Best Buy and I've had no issues with the drives or BB itself so I say try there.

I also TOTALLY recommend My Book by Western Digital as a brand! Again, LOVE mine, plug and play, no issues, vista compatible and they look really nifty too!

Now if you want to talk "DREAM STORAGE!" or want to see something that makes this geek drool all over herself... visit here...


Sep. 11th, 2008 10:29 am (UTC)
I use buy.com a lot for tech purchases for the office. They are often cheap and their service is excellent.

Personally, I check Costco before I buy anything. Do you know anyone you can exploit for Costco access. If they have what you are looking for, it will be cheaper than dirt and they have an excellent service plan on tech.

I love my WD Passport - though only 120. Costco has a My Passport Elite that is 320. $119. At the office, we have a 1TB My Book that has been working like a charm for about a year, no issues. The 1TB My Book at Costco is running closer to $200.

If your budget is slightly larger and you don't need portable, just external, Costco has a Seagate Freeagent 1TB for $159. Seagate got good reviews when I was researching this a while ago.

Husband has a SimpleTech drive - 160 only though. His experience with it has been OK, though I believe he has been having some problems with the USB cord after only a couple of months. The drive itself seems to be working fine, but the cord problems make me worried a little.
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