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Better late than never...

So, I'd mentioned this before, I think, but I'm doing the Hemophilia Association of the Capital Area's Blood, Sweat, and Gears Ride this coming Saturday. I'll be riding 25km (about 15 miles) to raise money for hemophilia research.

I've already taken care of my entrance fee thing, but I'd been hoping to raise some money to donate. It's hella last minute, but I never quite managed to figure out how to do this with Paypal, which I thought would be the easiest way (I need to bring my donations to the ride).

If you want to donate, I see three ways of doing this: First, I think the way to do it via PayPal is to go here, but I'm not entirely sure; if it works and you need my e-mail address, comment and I can send it to you. Second, you could send me a check (comment and I'll send you the info), and I'll spot you for the time being. Third--and this is if you know you'll be seeing me sometime in the not too distant future--you can comment with an amount and I can spot you until we see each other again.

Don't feel bad if you don't donate; I'm not trying to milk you guys or anything. And every little bit helps. I just don't want to show up empty-handed.

(And if you do decide to donate, comment so I can put you down as a sponsor.)

I'm going to screen comments so that if real names come up no one has to worry.


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