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Dear Brain, Shut Up

Seriously, I'm tired of being crazy. Really, really tired of it.

i. You’ve been working with Daniel Jackson for over a year, and even lying in his bed, covered in sweat and semen, you still don’t understand him. [First Name Basis, written with theemdash, Stargate SG-1, for jd_ficathon]

ii. The phone rings, and Daniel, surprised, looks at it for a moment before answering. [It's Good to Be the General, Stargate SG-1, for jd_ficathon]

iii. On Monday at 1415 hours, Dr. Daniel Jackson walked through the Stargate into the SGC with an infant in his arms. [Every Kid Has to Have a Dog - Asgard Bearing Gifts, Stargate SG-1 for lgbtfest]

iv. “Everyone, we have a new student,” I say, and the volume in the room goes down a little bit. [Molly Walker Has Two Daddies, Heroes, for lgbtfest]

v. TEAM Q, the new comic from Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnegan [The Quintessential Team Q (Antiphonal Intermezzo Remix), Harry Potter, for remixredux08]

vi. Jul finished chalking out the shape on the floor and stood, dusting off her hands. [Danse Macabre - Making It Official, original (Danse Macabre), for imaginarybeasts]

vii. "So Sam tried to blow herself up again today," Daniel said into the phone perched between his cheek and shoulder as he dumped the last of his laundry in the washer and measured out the correct quantity of soap. [Two Thousand Miles and a Phonecall Away, Stargate SG-1, for jd_commentfic]

viii. In retrospect, Jack had to admit that it took heroic effort for Daniel to hold back his obvious tirade until the diplomatic meeting broke up and he could tug Jack into a small sun room off the main hall. [Negotiations, Stargate SG-1, for jd_commentfic]

vix. "For the last time, Mrs. O'Grady," Jul said as she spotted the old woman from down the hall heading toward her with purpose. [Danse Macabre - Ghost Story, original (Danse Macabre), for imaginarybeasts]

x. "For the last time, Jack, stop touching things!" [Pissy, Stargate SG-1, for jd_commentfic]

xi. It was always the supposedly easy missions that went to hell, Jack reflected, tapping out a rhythm on the butt of his P90 until Carter glared at him. [Misunderstanding, Stargate SG-1, for trelkez's J/D Ficathon IV]

xii. It was mere chance that Jack was in the corridor outside Daniel's quarters when his archeologist opened the door to see Vala in front of itm barely wearing a black satin teddy and brandishing a pair of fluffy pink handcuffs. [Alternate, Stargate SG-1, for jd_commentfic, spoilers for 10.20 "Unending"]

xiii. There were times that Jack was convinced Daniel did it on purpose. [Text-Based Evidence, Stargate SG-1, for jd_commentfic]

xiv. After a long, boring day of paperwork, it was the last thing Jack expected to see when he opened his front door. [Budget Meeting, Stargate SG-1, for jd_commentfic]

xv. The hardest part of raising an autistic savant isn’t the silent spells, or the days when he talks and talks and she can’t understand a word. [Rain Child, Eureka, for loveforthefolks]

xvi. Jack wakes slowly, smiling up at the ceiling washed with early sunlight. [Oh, What a Beautiful Morning, Stargate SG-1, for oxoniensis's Kisses, Hugs, and Cuddles Challenge]

xvii. I am Wraith. [Control (Atonal Cadenza Remix), Stargate: Atlantis, for remix_redux]

xviii. The first time the wreath shows up on Jack’s desk is three days after Daniel...after that fool Jonas Quinn had showed up with his radioactive box of super naquada and his too bright smile, neither of which are enough to apologize for what he’d done and what he didn’t keep from happening. [All Around My Hat, Stargate SG-1]

xix. “Damn this thing to Netu!” Jack cursed and Daniel looked up from his book as the embroidery hoop clattered as it was tossed on the table. [Women's Work, Stargate SG-1]

xx. Abby walked into the studio, early morning light gilding the edges of the piles of stone and completed statues inside. [Galatea, original, for Slashers Dionysia 2007]

xxi. “You know, I’m really torn about that sweater,” Jack said, and Daniel looked up from the coffee machine. [Sweater, Stargate SG-1]

xxii. I can’t believe him. [The Morning After, Stargate SG-1, for International Fuzzy Bathrobe Day]

xxiii. “Golf?” [Ab esse ad posse, Stargate SG-1, for picfor1000]

xxiv. Daniel didn’t even realize that he’d been talking to himself until Jack draped himself over his shoulders and stuck his tongue in Daniel’s ear. [Provenience, Stargate SG-1]

xxv. The...whatever it is beyond the Veil is full of shadows and so very, very cold. [Cold, Harry Potter, for blanketforts]

xxvi. Waking up the morning after a moon is never easy, Remus reflects as he slowly comes to. [Floors, Harry Potter, for blanketforts]

xxvii. “Aren’t your feet cold?” Sirius asked, reaching out to poke Remus through the big hole in his sock, which was right over the ball of his foot. [There Is No Foot, Harry Potter, for blanketforts]

xxviii. Remus dusted the snow off the rock and sat down, coat wrapped tightly around him to ward off the chill. [Stripped of All One's Torments, Harry Potter, for blanketforts]

xxix. Mission Report – The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy [An Apple a Day -- SGC File 59281, Stargate SG-1/others, part of An Apple a Day]

xxx. “O’Neill was correct that it will be unnecessary to stop any plans TheBrain develops,” Teal’c said. [An Apple a Day - Day 4, Stargate SG-1/others, part of An Apple a Day]

Conclusions? I rarely start with dialogue, and I like really long sentences.


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Oct. 2nd, 2008 05:18 pm (UTC)
I feel like I usually start with dialogue, then launch into a whole bunch of description to set the scene.

Gosh, it's been a long time since I've been writing actual stories. Most of what I write these days is related to D&D characters, or creating a D&D world so that I can DM a game sometime soon...
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