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Good Morning, World

Well, afternoon...I was up until 2a, cut me a little slack.

Went to triannamaxwell's birthday party thing last night, and spent the whole night melting marshmallows, rescuing her from baking disaster (she forgot the eggs), drinking hard lemonade (yum), and talking religion and politics with her future fiancee. (Seriously, though, they're going to get engaged once they're done with grad/law school, since they don't plan to have a long engagement.) J, the future fiancee (he needs a nickname, since he'll be sticking around), thinks I should be a lawyer. More on why that seems to be fucking with my head later.

Work today (two weeks ago I was fired, this week I'm working 39 hours, I don't get it, I'm sure I'll be back to normal about all of it by next week), then off on Tuesday, so I can catch up on some things. And OH MY GOD THERE ARE STILL NO NEW YEAR'S EVE PLANS. What the hell, people? *headdesk*

Also, looking for advice from those of you used to having your own kitchen:

There is something wrong with my refrigerator. It smells bad, though I can't figure out why. The roommates and I are going to empty it so I can give it a scrub-down and put in a box of baking soda, but seriously. Smells like rotting produce. And it's so bad the water in the Brita pitcher has started to taste like it. If there's anything else I should be doing, do let me know.

Off to pop stale marble loaf from work in the toaster and get dressed. Long day ahead of me, I can just feel it.


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Dec. 29th, 2008 06:44 pm (UTC)
I really have no idea. One thing I would consider is fooling around with the under part of the fridge. Depending on the model, it may have a drip pan that may be filled with disgusting gunk. Or even a dead mouse or something. You may have to remove the vent cover on the front.

Oh. Also, depending on the model, the freezer could be the source of the smell. Be sure in your quest that you check there for anything that's not right.
Dec. 30th, 2008 04:51 am (UTC)
The freezer smells fine, but I wasn't going to rule anything out. It's an old-ish model, and I had no idea they could have drip pans. I'll take a look for that. Thanks!
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