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God, what time is it?

So, house update:

I came home from work Monday to a big honking hole in my living room wall and water all but gushing from the pipes. Landlady's Dad was here with Roommate S (and Imaginary Roommate, which was probably the first time I'd seen her in a week), trying to fix it. Not long after I walked in the door, he decided to shut off the water to the house until he could get a plumber in. S and I filled a bunch of Tupperware with water for overnight, and then he tried to shut off the water...

At which point the valve started gushing water. He managed to shut the gushing, but we had no way of turning off the water. But, the dripping wasn't that bad, so he decided to leave it until the next day, when he could bring a plumber.

I took a shower, since my hair was disgusting, and I had work in the morning. In retrospect, this was probably a bad idea, since the dripping was worse after I got out. S and I agreed that we'd keep an eye on the dripping, since we were worried that we didn't have enough buckets to hold the water until 7a (when Landlady's Dad said he would come back).

Around 2a, the shut-off valve started leaking, too. S and I ran around (both in pjs, and S blind since she'd left her glasses at her 'rents' house and had taken out her contacts) to find a pot to put underneath it. The hole was leaking worse, too. As we watched, the leaks both got worse steadily. We called the Washington Suburban Sanitation Commission at 2:30a to come shut off the water, since we'd established earlier that the only way to turn it off was from the outside. The guy came at 3a and shut it off, and S and I wrote a note to Imaginary Roommate not to use the water in the morning and S went to bed.

By that point, my brain had clicked into insomnia mode, so I couldn't sleep. I called work at 5a (when they got there) and told them about the plumbing thing and tried to beg off, since I was only going to be working scab shift while Boss took her car to the shop. She said I had to come anyway. So, dragged my bum to work at 8:30a, worked two hours while she went to the shop, then stopped at the bank to close my old accounts and put the check into the new bank. Wandered through the mall and took the train home, where I promptly fell asleep for the next eight hours, missing therapy and a dinner date with my mom.

Got up at 8 or so, called Mom and therapist to let them know I was still alive. Landlady's Dad had been by during the day with a plumber, who had fixed the valve and the leak, though there was a big hole in the wall still and plaster stuck to the floor all over. S, who is a bit of a neat freak, was panicking and talking about how we had to move out, but I shrugged, ate half a pound of pasta, and crashed until noon Wednesday. Went to work, got home to find S had talked to her dad (who works in construction), who calmed her down a little bit. She and Imaginary Roommate and I decided we were going to pester Landlady to make sure the wall (and a few other problems) get fixed and make sure all our paperwork is in order, but we weren't going to leave. I'm happy about that, of course, since I don't feel like moving again, and S is a much more pleasant person when she's not being histrionic. Seriously, the gal makes me look stoic.

Landlady gets back from Sri Lanka on Monday, and if wall isn't fixed by then (her dad's supposed to come by this weekend, but we are so not holding our breath about it), we're going to raise a stink. S and IR and I are going to go through this weekend and chart all preexisting damages and finish our part of the leasing stuff (we technically sublet from S), so that if we have to leave, we have all the paper in order; right now it's mostly verbal agreement, which is not good.

Really, I don't need this drama.

That cryptic thing is going to stay cryptic until Tuesday, it looks like.

Over-Complicated To-Do List of Doom, Day 2
~ meals
~~ breakfast

~~ lunch
~~ dinner
~~ midnight snack
a full serving of pasta+cheese, so I'm counting it as third meal
~ phone calls
~~ kaiser re: GYN delayed until after Tuesday
~~ return call from kelly
~~ return call from aetna lady
~ e-mail
~~ stephen
~~ casts re: programs
~~ wildwood re: stage management position
~ draft
~~ ending for steampunk fic
~~ drabbles xgod-only-knows
~~ wcs x2
~~ feature
~~ letter to conley
~ post
~~ happy things day 2
~~ house update

~~ life update/resolutions
~ housework
~~ vacuum bedroom
~~ fold laundry
~ stare at the [community college] application until my head explodes</i> delayed because I don't feel like having to clean up brain matter
~ first appointment with medicating psychiatrist: 3:30p
~ Bed, Bath, and Beyond run w/fam
~ dinner w/fam


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