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I think this'll be the last day of this.

We managed to get out in 11 minutes last night, which was awesome. And, barring the pile of garbage bags I refused to take out in the freezing rain, I think it was a pretty good close, too. The dream team (me, N, and M my pet theatre fag) is working tonight, so the store will most likely sparkle when we're done with it. And not in a fake vampire kind of way. :P

Speaking of work, Boss is clearly still pissy about a) the day that I didn't come in and she had to work something like 16 hours and b) the fact that BossBoss went over her head to keep me on. Smart money's that it's more of the latter than the former, but it basically means that she's making my life miserable. No matter what I do, I'm doing something wrong, usually something minor that normally would get ignored. Woman's got every right to be mad at me, but I wish she'd be a bigger person and just let it go some.

S and I went through the place last night and recorded all of the damages, and then she and IR and I will be formally signing the leasing agreement between the three of us tonight. Then we'll do it all again when Landlady gets back, but I feel better having paper drawn up.

Over-Complicated To-Do List of Doom, Day 4
~ meals
~~ breakfast
~~ lunch
~~ dinner

~ phone calls
~~ kaiser re: GYN delayed until after Tuesday
~~ return call from kelly
~~ return call from aetna lady
~ e-mail
~~ stephen
~~ casts re: programs
~~ wildwood re: stage management position
~ write
~~ ending for steampunk fic
~~ drabbles xgod-only-knows

~~ letter to conley
~~ edits to feature
~ post
~~ happy things day 4
~~ life update/resolutions delayed until after Tuesday
~ housework
~~ vacuum bedroom
~~ fold laundry
~ work: 2p-9:30p

And apparently there's a delayed holiday party after work? I suspect I'll stick around long enough to be polite and then run like hell.



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