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In unrelated news

Swear to God, the pipes in this house are cursed. First was that debacle with the hole in the wall. And we definitely don't have a big enough boiler for two people to shower in a row, much less support the 5-6 people living here on a semi-regular basis (me, S, Imaginary Roommate, Landlady, Landlady's boyfriend, and Landlady's Friend Who Should Be Paying Rent, but that's another story). Now, we have no water in the kitchen. Oh, the rest of the place is fine, but there's something wrong with the kitchen tap, so we have no water. S was able to wash some dishes last night (by running water back and forth from the bathroom), but there's still a pile left to do, plus I really need to do step two of Mel Makes Fried Rice, which I was looking forward to for dinner.

And, of course, Landlady's Dad was supposed to fix it today, but no joy there. Naturally. At least he plastered over the gap where he didn't measure the drywall correctly. It's an eyesore, but at least I can't see the pipes.

So, I think I'm just going to toss all the dirty dishes in the bathtub, put my laptop on the toilet tank, and wash all the dishes in the bathroom sink. The big things (rice steamer pot, frying pan) might have to wait until we can use the kitchen sink, but it's better than nothing.

I'd be less concerned about it all if the bathroom wasn't an icebox.

Ah, the excitement of renting.



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