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This is what a day should look like.

Got up at 11. Watched the inauguration on CNN.com; turned it off once people got up to go to lunch. I'll write all about my thoughts later.

After that, I was in a good emotional mood, so I was PRODUCTIVE!

- folded load of laundry from Saturday
- threw out a small pile of garbage (mostly packing material) I'd been collecting
- flipped the futon and fixed one of the damaged hinges
- fixed the vacuum cleaner (one of the hoses was hooked up wrong)
- vacuumed room (I had tumbleweeds!)
- flipped futon back down and remade bed

And then a pipe broke somewhere in the system and our water pressure bottomed out. I was going to take a shower and wash dishes, but clearly that wasn't going to happen. S, who's never lived in a house before (she's from NYC, cut her some slack) thought the pipes had frozen again, but I quickly corrected her. We left a series of frantic messages for Landlady & Co., which is how we discovered the break, and I arranged to have dinner at the 'rents'.

Water came back on just as I was leaving, of course, but I showed S what to do to get the air bubbles out and left. Dinner and the usual arguments at the 'rents', including Mum's usual hypocrisy, and then back home.

At least I got stuff done.

And now, to bed.


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