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*frustrated sigh*

Singularly unproductive day, but I think I'm allowed them every once in a while. Spent a few hours trawling I Can Has Cheezburger, hence the earlier lolcat spam.

Started (and finished) Bitter Thorns, the lesbo retelling of "Beauty and the Beast" written by the same woman who wrote the pair of sci fi lesbian adventure/romance novels I might have mentioned (Shadows of Aggar and Fires of Aggar). I kind of think I could write better with my eyes closed (well, less typos, and 'twere I her, I'd shoot my editors). Maybe someday I will.

Also, signed up for lgbtfest, because I clearly have a death wish. It's a great fest, at least for those of us who like real-world implications of things. And this year I'm not writing all about children, so that's nice. (See what I did there?)

We're also not rehearsing today, due to a collection of circumstances I don't feel like recreating at the mo. Basically, I'm a little peeved at A, because I'm getting stuck dealing with everything, and she's not picking up the slack when I get fed up.

Oh well, let's try to catch up on the productivity front.

- call
-- shrink
-- Aetna re: switching coverage
-- SGA finance re: why I can't make the money transfer
- e-mail
-- Marvelous Mayhem re: returning corset
- complete line item transfer and ISR to pay for AV
- dishes
- shower
- vacuum
- assemble external hard drive
- Otzma reference for A
- writing
-- picfor1000
-- imaginarybeasts
-- stargate_summer
-- extra Question(s) for fandom_grammar
-- that "Old Friends/Bookends" flopsy tejas inspired
- harass MMRP cast members who haven't given me their schedule yet I think we have everyone, and I'm waiting to work out the rehearsal space, anyway


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