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This is what ennui feels like.

Ugh, utterly useless day, though I think my general malaise has more to do with the Dreaded Depressive Episode that I was anticipating rather than actually being sick. I woke up at 7p feeling like a blob of DO NOT WANT, canceled my appointments for today, and went back to bed, sleeping until about 1p. I've been laying around reading fanfic all day, mostly. Had tea, and some spicy soup (mm, spicy soup, have I mentioned my affection for it?) around 5, and am now debating additional sustenance before I go back to bed at midnight. (Benefit of pills: I sleep when I want me to, most of the time.) Might just have some more seaweed salad and hope that I wake up feeling better tomorrow.

I was also hit with the plot of my imaginarybeasts last night, and kashmir_ki_kali helped me iron out the ending, but of course I didn't get anything done today, much less writing. Have to catch up tomorrow, but I know that A's claimed me to help clean her room, and then we have rehearsals for MMRP (big honking disaster, that one, but what can you do?)

And on a completely unrelated note, the Yaz pills taste terrible for some reason (that, my friends is part of the post I was going to write yesterday, entitled "LOTS OF STUFF YOU NEVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT MY VAG").


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