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the downsides of living on my own

Didn't accomplish much yesterday other than therapy and work, which is always a joy. /sarcasm But, O gave me a ride home, which meant that I didn't have to stand around in the brr cold for the bus, and we discovered that I'm opening with him Monday, so he's going to pick me up on the way to work, again cutting my commute in at least half. Guy can drive me insane sometimes, but he can also be really sweet.

Thursday afternoon I had shrink appointment, and then hung out with N, who's leaving town to go back to her parents' (and her dog) this weekend. Gonna miss her lots, but we did settle at Teaism for lunch, tea, and a 4-hour game of UpWords, which was awesome, and then we went back to her apartment for dinner and more UpWords before I went home. She and I have some half-baked scheme wherein I bus/train/fly to Cincinnati and she picks me up so I can visit, but I suspect I won't be able to take off from work between now (I'm taking off most of the week after next for MMRP) and when I take off Labor Day weekend for Dragon*Con.

No word yet on the second job I applied for, but I have this sinking feeling that the fact that I have retail experience (and the fact that I'm a girl) isn't going to outweigh the fact that I don't have enough knowledge of the stuff the store actually sells. (I told them I could start 6 April; if I have no word from them by then, I'll say where I applied to.) I think it's time to go application-collecting next week.

Today I have work, but beforehand I'm being kidnapped to clean parts of my parents' house in exchange for not having to pay them back for their accountant doing my taxes. I really should start getting in the habit of doing them myself, but I am oh so lazy. I'm also bordering on broke at the moment (I managed to overdraw so badly that it emptied the couple hundred dollars that had been in my savings account), so I really need second job rightfuckingnow. We'll see what happens.

(Depending on how much money I'm able to sock away before August, I may have to move back home when my lease is up. No one particularly likes this idea, but at least it's an option.)



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