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Night at the [High School] Opera

Work today was pretty ick (five hours on bar while I was still worn out from last night's shift), but tomorrow's open is going to be brutal. I have to get up at 4a, but at least the other guy I'm opening with offered to pick me up so I don't have to take the bus. I'm not 100% sure I'm going to survive to the end of the shift (10:45), but if I do I have two days off. Unfortunately, I have ten tons of things to do those two days, but at least I'll be doing them after the sun comes up.

Went to the Billboard Magic show at my brother's high school. It was basically a revue of songs that had been on the Billboard listing thing, with the vague theme of "Road Trip", so the songs were divided into groups by city (it was kind of arbitrary). The singers and music (Bro had a flute solo and conducted four pieces) were pretty good, but the show suffered from the bane of high school theatre: shitty sound guys. Seriously, each kid had a body mic, but the balance was all off so you couldn't hear anyone, and no one bothered to adjust it. I spent the whole time twitching and wanting to fix things.

(I have also developed a tiny crush on the biology teacher who performed in a few of the pieces. The school's got a small theatre program, and there's a tradition of staff members rounding out the casts for revue shows like this. He was cute. And probably close to my age, which is a little disturbing.)

Going to bed in about an hour, and I'm kind of surprised to find that I'm already pretty tired. I'm gonna be a wreck tomorrow, I know it.



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