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Uh God.

I am currently playing simultaneous games of phone tag with two different people, which is always fun. I have also had a really, really long day.

Woke up at 4a, since I was opening at work. Proceeded to stare at the ceiling until 4:30, when I rolled out of bed, dressed, and did other things that would make me presentable to the general public. O picked me up at 10 of and drove us to work; he lives near me, and he's a gentleman when he's not being an ass, so he refused to let me take the bus once he realized we were opening together. (No joy on Thursday, the other day I open this week; L is also lacking in car.) Worked for just under six hours--there's funny stories there, but I'm too tired to relate them--though I spent most of that time using the register/side of the pastry case/wall/broom to keep me upright.

Mum picked me up just as I got out, and we went to Local HMO Offices to have needles poked in our arms (shot for me, blood work for her), and then she dropped me off at therapy. And then I got home, with the plan to write...and have been watching Brotherhood 2.0 since I got home at about 3.


(This did, however, remind me of two projects--one SUPA SEKRIT and one not so much--I've been meaning to do, so maybe it'll help me get on them.)

Good news, though, is that I am now fully protected from two main strains of HPV, which cause cervical cancer. Maybe. There are like 14+ strains, though only four cause cancer, as I recall, something like that. Whatever. Is done, and my arm and shoulder and side-of-neck hurt. Note to y'all who haven't gotten it done yet: they're right, the third ones burns going in and hurts like a motherfucker afterwards.

Jesus Allah Buddha, it's a good thing I've got two days off now. My head's going to fall off and roll away.

In a new development, the To-Do List is subdivided now, because my brain is a sieve. (Yes, this is the way my brain actually works. I'm a freak, I know.)

Today and/or In General
- work: 5a-10:45a
- third Guardasil shot
- therapy: 12p
- harass late fandom_grammar people
<- I spend a lot of time harassing people for being late; it would be less horrible if I wasn't so bad at deadlines
- call
-- two unresponsive MMRP cast members phone tag! 1 reached, 1 to go
-- potential new cast member A's on that one
-- Reservations re: MMRP rehearsals over the next two weeks the bastards are away for Spring Break (damn you, college campus!) so the rehearsals are going to be at my house this week
-- Lisa re: meeting about MMRP set-up ditto; will have to wait for the week of the show *panics*
- e-mail
-- cast re: rehearsal location (my place) directions, etc.
-- Marvelous Mayhem re: returning corset
- writing
-- imaginarybeasts I got an extra week's extension, but I really need to get on that
-- extra Question for fandom_grammar
-- stargate_summer
-- that "Old Friends/Bookends" flopsy tejas inspired
- misc
-- start composing family-friendly version of the Monologues
-- Otzma reference for A <- I really need to get on this
- rehearsal: 5p-7p (open) and 7p-9p ("Maurice")
- call
-- Aetna re: switching coverage
- housework
-- laundry <- made a deal with Imaginary Roommate to do it tomorrow (OMG on a day that is not Saturday)
-- vacuum common room and bedroom
-- dishes
-- cook
-- dishes again, I'm sure
- rehearsal: 5p-7p ("Respect") and 7p-9p ("Seven Variations on Margarita Weinberg")
- clean at parental house (there's a story here)
-- tubs
-- master bath sink (I need a blowtorch, hand to God, I don't think they've cleaned since I moved out)
-- actually organize/pack more parts of my bedroom
- make droopy eyes at the guy at the place I applied to see if I'm even being considered
- pharmacy (in case I don't have time later)
- work: 5a-1:30p <- I'm going to die
- therapy: 4:30p
- rehearsal: 7p-9p (open)
- bank
- work: 7:15a-3:45p
- rehearsal: 5p-7p ("Rescue") and 7p-9p ("First Kiss")
- harass cast members who haven't sent their bios (it's gonna happen)
- work: 2:30p-close
- put together program
- work: 8:30a-3:45p
- make to-do list for next week

I'm sure I'm forgetting things, too.

ETA: Wow, how many different ways did I blaspheme in this post? This has got to be a personal record.


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