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Yay, productivity.

Finished the fandom_grammar first draft. I'll take another look over it and then post it to the editing comm tomorrow. Yay me, actually getting something done before deadline.

I've also washed about half of the nice dishes that we're going to need for the seder on Wednesday night. I'll be loading the rest into the dishwasher after the current load is finished the air dry part of the cycle. I've also taken out the trash, though I'll have to remember to bring the cans back in tomorrow.

The last of the dirty laundry (minus the clothes I'm currently wearing) is in the wash right now, though I've got about four loads to fold. I'll probably let that wait until tomorrow, when I can find something on TV to watch. Mum doesn't even have a DVD player in her bedroom, and I don't think I have the cables necessary to hook my laptop up to the TV.

Tomorrow I've got bathrooms to wash, plus the tub in the non-ensuite bathroom needs to be washed. I need to wash the kitchen floor, too, but I'm probably going to wait to do that until after Dad and I do the Pesach cooking on Tuesday.

I also have to write: A's reference and time writing fiction of some sort. I'd prefer my stargate_summer, since it's the one with a deadline, but I'll take anything right now.

(Plus, I have to pop an extra Xanax and see if I can fill out any of the retroactive leave and short-term disability paperwork for that leave I took in January. I may not work for the Company anymore, but I might get some wage reimbursement for the time off, and right now I'll take any cent I can get. Even if it makes me even crazier to do it.)

It's weird. I actually want to pull an all-nighter tonight. I can get everything done without pushing it, and I can take my pills to help me sleep, but I don't want to. I think that's a bad thing.

Apropos of something other than my lack of sanity, take a look at this week's Sunday Sweets over at Cake Wrecks. Stargate cakes! Hee.


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