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Insomnia sucks. End of story. I have the feeling I'm going to stay up until the gal taking a look at the place comes by, and then I'm going to have to crash. (I'm moving home at the end of the month--no job, no money--and S is touring people already so that she can hopefully find someone to pick up the slack.)

Today, in addition to the usual Tuesday lovely of therapy (and I get to tell my therapist that This Isn't Working, which is not going to be fun), I get to go to the HMO in a few hours so they can do an ultrasound of my internal girlybits. Awesome!GYN wants to make sure that there isn't some explanation like fibroids or something to explain the evil cramps. I've had ultrasounds on other bits of me, and they're not fun. Plus, I have to drink a bunch of water an hour before to make sure the waves bounce correctly. I'm definitely looking forward to having the tech press on my abdomen when my bladder is full. Not.

Oh, and there's a part that gets done from the inside. Either I have to talk the tech out of it, or there will be a lot of pain. If you hear screaming at about 11a EST, it's the latter.

(And that's ignoring the humor in the fact that the instructions are the same for pregnant women getting ultrasounds, so there are water measurements based on how many months pregnant the patient is. I hate everyone.)

Oh, and did I mention that I have to drink 32oz of water in the next 40 minutes?


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