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*blinks blearily*

Got woken up at around 3 this morning by banging on the door. It turns out that Imaginary Roommate was locked out; we recently got the top lock replaced, and her key didn't work. (I'm going to be trying mine out, but S is probably going to have to take them all back to Home Depot.) IM had been out there for almost an hour. We're not sure why she didn't call one of us to let her in. All I can think of was she didn't have her phone.

Anyway, crashing on door=/=a good way to wake up.

Finally started the paperwork for that leave I took in January. I may not have the job anymore, so I'm not eligible for insurance anyway, but it's possible I'll get some short-term disability pay for the time off. We'll see. Plus, it was something that was ramping up my anxiety levels, and now I can say "Look, I got over it!"

It also looks like S found someone to finish my lease (no job=no money=can't afford apartment), so that's really good. It means I'll get my full deposit back, minus the utilities for April, which is a very good thing. Now I just have to figure out how the hell I'm going to work out April's rent and March's utilities, because the well is dry (and keeps getting worse).

*repeat ad nauseum* This will make a good memoir some day...*headdesk*


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