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Every time I start to feel sad about moving out of this apartment, something explodes.

Yesterday, I slept until about 2p, and then talked on the phone with my mom for almost two hours. I went out to the bathroom after, and noticed that the floor in the hall and kitchen seemed dirtier than usual; I mentally wrote that off as having not noticed it over the past few days. Then I opened the door to the bathroom...and stepped on the soaking wet bath mat.

I tossed the mats in the tub (they were drenched), and tried to find the leak. Sink looked fine, toilet looked fine, there wasn't an obvious leak from the ceiling, so I tossed the roommates an e-mail and went back into my room. Met Mom in Silver Spring for dinner and a movie (State of Play, which was really good), and she dropped me back off at like 9:30p.

Came in to see a hole in the wall, and the counter top underneath it had been cleared (with everything piled up in and around the sink). S was in the bathroom, but she told me what had happened.

Apparently, V (landlady) had noticed something wrong with her washing machine upstairs, but decided to use it anyway. Her dad took a look at it and saw that one of the hoses was partially disconnected, and the water had gotten all over the floor and leaked down, through the kitchen, onto our kitchen floor, into Imaginary Roommate's room, down the hall, and into the bathroom and living/dining room. This must have happened early in the day, because the kitchen, hall, and living/dining rooms, which aren't carpeted, had all dried. The mats in the bathroom must have held the water, and a portion of IM's rug was soaked.

And there's another hole in the ceiling. They still haven't patched the hole from the last big leak, which means that you have a lovely, scenic view of the insulation if you sit at the dining room table.

S, obviously, was livid. I keep telling her to insist that V give her her deposit back and move out, but she doesn't think V would actually give her back the money. I'm just glad it'll no longer be my problem after Thursday.


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