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Thinky Blather

This is mostly just me trying to put my thoughts in order so I can bang out this story before the deadline. Feel free to ignore it, but you're also welcome to comment if you have any thoughts.

So, the premise of the story is this: Jack/Daniel and Sam/Janet established relationships; Daniel and Sam have sex in an AMTDI situation (I've already sorted that out, that was the easy part), and Jack and Janet are having more trouble with this than Sam and Daniel are. It's supposed to be about the fluidity of sexuality and all that jazz, which is fine.

The first two scenes set the situation up: in the first, it is explained why Daniel and Sam are having sex in the first place (fertility ritual, regs, yadda); in the second, they arrive at the SGC and have AWKWARD INFIRMARY VISIT wherein Janet is informed of what happened. I was thinking of having the Jack/Daniel and Sam/Janet plotlines run simultaneously, in alternating scenes, and then ending with Sam and Daniel talking over coffee or something. Ok, fine, good, whatever.

My problem is that I want the two situations to be different. It would be completely boring for Jack and Janet to have identical freak-outs, though I think it would be interesting to have both of them freak out, rather than one be fine and the other not. Both Sam and Daniel have had straight relationships in canon, so theoretically they'd both be at least bi.

Of the two of them, I think it would be easiest to play Daniel as the gay man with the one exception (Sha're), because one can argue that pretty much all of his other sexual contact with women is non-con to at least some degree. Sarah is the exception, but it would be easy enough to argue that they were two academics playing at romance (I've seen that in a lot of fic), and one gets about as much sparkage in canon between the two of them as you get between him and Steven Rayner (arguably that's Osiris' fault, but that's just complicated).

So, perhaps Daniel is a gay man with the one exception of Sha're (loved her mind, loved the body because the mind was in it, yadda), and Jack's having hetero panic. I've seen this happen: homosexual couple breaks up, one partner goes on to a heterosexual relationship, other partner freaks in the same way one half of a former hetero couple will freak if the other person comes out as gay/bi. Hell, it's what everyone else was doing when starkravingsane started dating the boy, even though a) she'd pretty much already told everyone she was bi, b) she and I had never really been dating to begin with, and c) I had no problem with it. I'm just not sure I can see Jack having the "OMG I MADE YOU STRAIGHT" freak-out, since at best he's in the same situation (Jack loved his wife, it's pretty clear) and at worst he's bisexual and that's hypocritical as hell. Not that that's ever stopped anyone.

And then I can base Sam off of a friend of mine, who is bisexual but mostly sticks to straight relationships. So Janet is outside of the norm, and is worried that having sex with Daniel will remind her of what she's missing when she's not dating guys. I think that would be easy enough to write, and there's no canon contradiction like there is for Daniel.


And why is it that I find it easier to picture a woman having a self-esteem issue induced freak-out than it is for me to picture a man? I'm not going to give myself the situational out (Jack's a big bad closeted Air Force colonel), because Janet's also Air Force and therefore has to be closeted, too. Gah, societal stereotyping, why can't I defeat you?!
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