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Weekend Round-Up

Saw Start Trek with the fam for Mothers' Day. I rather enjoyed it overall, though I thought that the alternate reality storyline was a total cop-out. That's always my opinion, so that's less particular problems with the movie and more general problems with sci fi in general. Kirk, Bones, Uhura, Sulu, and Chekhov were awesome. I disliked Scotty, but I may be biased because he wasn't played by Paul McGillion. I'm on the fence about Spock; on the one hand, he looked almost exactly like Nimoy, and had the posture and the mannerisms and even the intonation perfect; on the other, I kept hearing Sylar every time he opened his mouth. It concerned me. The relationships were all over the place for me; I thought that the Spock/Uhura subplot was annoying, but I loved the Kirk&Bones friendship and Uhura being Kirk's One That Got Away ("If I do [whatever] will you tell me your name?!"). The fact that Kirk's badassery was so much bigger in the movie (the thing with the car, hitting on everything that wore a skirt) than the show (a mild cowboy attitude, and just the implication of getting laid a lot) is an interesting sociological point, and is related to the movie's incredibly high body count, having to do with the fact that it takes more to shock us than it did in the 1960s.

Honestly, my biggest problem was the fact that they didn't have the heavy Kirk/Spock subtext of the original series. But I'm a slasher at heart, I suppose.

The Geekling had prom last night, and he had fun, which is awesome. He's the first member of our branch of the family to go to prom, and I'm glad he wasn't one of the many people who internalizes the hype and then is let down. I intend to pick his brain sometime tomorrow when Mom's out. It's cute; he almost wants to tell them what he was up to.

I made the mistake of going with the 'rents to a bar last night, an experience I do not intend to repeat. We went to a local Irish pub/restaurant for dinner, then stuck around at the bar to listen to the live band. The band was pretty crap, and Mum and Da spent the entire time being subtly hostile toward one another. Add to that the fact that I ache all over and the fact that Da got a Crackberry a few months ago and has terrible phone etiquette, and you can imagine that a terrible time was had by all.

It's been decided that I probably tensed up when I fell, which is why I hurt all over. It's gradually getting better, and the headache went away yesterday, so I'm clearly on the mend. My eye is a vision, but between the fact that it's just the top half of the socket and the obstruction of my glasses frames, I just look like I put eye make-up on one eye and not the other.

Now I'm going to go take my second batch of pills and putter until midnight. I should be working on the second lgbtfest fic (OMG I'm going to miss the second deadline they gave me, I suck so much), but I'm probably just going to go to bed.



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