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I definitely do not miss being a teenager.

My brother must have learned this from Mum, but he's started doing what can only be described as Round-Robin Arguments. He'll start yelling at Mum, then come yell and me, then go back to yelling at Mum. The only reason Dad hasn't been involved is because he's at a conference in Hawaii. And, of course, Mum's not talking to Dad because he didn't take her with, and he realized weeks ago that he'd screwed that one up so he's been getting pissy about everything imaginable. It's really, really unpleasant.

I also finally balanced my checkbook, for the first time since I opened the account in October. It took be about four hours, and now I feel terrible because I know exactly what I've wasted my money on in the last six months.

I'm going to break my down mood by walking to the library to return two books, pay a fine, and get out something to read.

To-Do To-Day
- balance checkbook
- library
- wash downstairs bathroom
- shower
- try out new hair removal thingie

- finish list of items donated on Saturday
- write

Somehow, I don't have any laundry or dishes to do today, at least until after dinner. It's amazing.

Geek Moment: Watching TNG episode "The Defector" last night, I recognised that the Romulan captain was Andreas Katsulas...also known as G'Kar from Babylon 5. I am such a dork.


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