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Out last night was ok-ish. Naturally, the creepy guy at the bar kept making eyes at me, so I ignored him. And I'm not sure if "dive bar" is quite the right term for the place we went (Wonderland, in NE), because it wasn't the kind of place where you don't want to drink from the glasses. :P

Dad gets back from Hawaii today, so depending on how jetlagged he is we might be going to the movies. Mom is bugging me about ironing, of all things, so I'm going to go be constructive for a bit to shut her up.

- some room cleaning
- dishes

- bag up pop beads
- sort thread for new cross-stitch
- write: drabble(s)
- write: scene from SOS
- write: "Breaking News" thinky thoughts

Oh! And when A and I were at the mall yesterday, we stopped by Nordstrom's so I could get new bra measurements (they cultivate a reputation for being good at that, and I've been pretty satisfied). Amusingly enough, I have gone from a 34B (I knew the band size was too big, but Mom taught me to size them incorrectly) to a 32D. *laughs* There are no words for how much that cracks me up. It's possible, of course, that some of that is premenstrual, but it still amuses me way too much.


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