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Meta: SGC Size and Set-Up

With yesterday's writing binge, I've pretty much outlined out what I still need to write for Act I. Two of the scenes are fight scenes, which is something I've never really written before. I have a sex scene to complete, and possibly another to write, depending on my mood. There's going to be at least one scene where Daniel gets to yell at people :D. I've got a few scenes where I know what has to happen, but I'm not sure how to do it; I've actually poked the amazing folks at military_beta about one of them. I feel confident enough with how Act I is going to start seriously outlining Act II.

But before I do, I need to get a better sense of how many people I'd actually be working with here. I started with the SG teams, since they were easier to sort out.

Naturally, the writers didn't bother to be consistent for most of the teams, so parts of this I'm making up as I go along. When the program was expanded, the number of teams went up from 9 to at least 25; I'm going to go with just 25 so my head doesn't explode. I'm also assuming that the standard team set-up is four members, with additional personnel added as necessary. Since I already need to have teams being transferred and deployed overseas, any team we know next to nothing about is just going to get deployed (convenient, yes?). So, assuming deployment and such (and I'm going to have Hank insist that the teams are kept together, again for the sake of my sanity), the following is the list of teams left over that are able to escape through the 'gate. ? indicates an assumption I'm making; [] indicate a name I've made up.

SG-1: first contact
---- Cameron Mitchell (Lt Col): CO
---- Samantha Carter (Lt Col, PhD): 2iC, (position of) civilian consultant-scientific
---- Teal'c: third military member, civilian consultant-alien liaison
---- Daniel Jackson (PhD, PhD, PhD): civilian consultant-anthropology
---- Vala Mal Doran: civilian consultant-alien liaison (I have no other idea how to describe her)

SG-3: search&rescue/combat (Marines)
---- [Caleb] Reynolds (Col): CO
---- [Susan Kay] (Maj): 2iC <- actually pregnant
---- [male] Baker (Capt?): third military member
---- [no idea] (1Lt): fourth military member

SG-9: diplomatic
---- Stan Kovachek (Col?): CO, (position of) civilian consultant-diplomatic
---- [Mary Andrews] (Capt): 2ic, (position of) civilian consultant-diplomatic
two unknown members; I'm assuming 1-2 military, and at least one with diplomatic training/experience

SG-10: first contact?
four unknown members; I'm assuming 3-4 military, and at least one with anthro and/or linguistic experience

SG-11: survey (archeology/geology/etc.)
---- [Benjamin] Edwards (Col): CO
---- [no idea] (Maj): 2iC
---- [no idea] (1Lt): third military member, (position of) civilian consultant-surveyor
---- rotating fourth depending on purpose of mission?

SG-12: search&rescue/combat (Marines)
---- [male] Hadden (Maj): CO
---- [male] Escher (Maj): 2iC
---- [male] McKenzie (1Lt): third military member
---- [male] Conway (1Lt?): fourth military member

SG-13: first contact
---- Dave Dixon (Col): CO
---- Simon Wells (Capt?): 2iC
---- Jake Bosworth (Capt?): third military member
---- Cameron Balinksy: civilian consultant-archeology
I really thought I had a complete, fully-named team here, but two of the members appear to be on other teams later, so that killed that idea. Fuck it, they were on loan.

SG-14: diplomatic
---- [Samuel Harper] (Col): CO, (position of) civilian consultant-diplomatic
three unknown members; I'm assuming 2-3 military, and at least one with diplomatic training/experience

SG-17: first contact?
four unknown members; I'm assuming 3-4 military, and at least one with anthro and/or linguistic experience

SG-21: search&rescue/combat?
---- [male Battelle] (Col): CO
three unknown members; from the one mission they do, I'm assuming 4 military members, possibly Marines

SG-22: search&rescue/combat
---- [male] Raimi (Col): CO
three unknown members; probably all military

I'm assuming the other teams get sent into combat situations or to other bases, potentially stranding their civilian members at the SGC. Thoughts?

(Yes, I have too much time on my hands. But Stargate SG-1 Solutions has a really great chart of the teams by episode that helped me sort a lot of that out.)

Assuming that there are 25 teams, and each team has four people, that's 100 people right there. How many people are on this base? For practical purposes, I'm not including the records and accounting people that are part of NORAD.

First conjecture: Stargate SG-1 Solutions' base map assumes that level 25 contains enough one- and two-man rooms to house all of the active teams, plus VIP rooms. It also states that level 15 can house all the civilians (scientists, non-military medical) in two-man dorms, and levels 12-14 house all the military personnel (guards, military scientists and medical, commissary staff?) in 4-6-man barracks. I'm sure the key to calculating the full base population is in those comparisons, but I don't have the math skillz to sort it out.

I'd like to know how big the base itself actually is, but that's really academic for my purposes. What I really want to know is the non-Gate Team portion of the base that would escape through the 'gate at the end of Act I, so I know how many people I have to play with in Acts II and III. Since there is Super Secret Plan-ing involved, I'd assume that the urge to save everyone would be outweighed by the need to keep things small and leak-free. I would think that the guards and the like would be left out of the loop, since it would be easy for the Big Bad to rotate in spies. Once I can sort out how many civilians I have, I can decide how many would go along.

I know the SGC is a weird base, so would the medical staff mostly be military (regular staff, not specialists)? Is Carolyn Lam military? We never hear a rank on her, and I'd think she'd blame the military for stealing her daddy from her. Ack, I don't know.

So, anyone have any ideas? I have no idea how an actual military base would work, so this is all a blend of potentially-faulty TV knowledge, data from Stargate SG-1 Solutions, and pure conjecture.


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May. 29th, 2009 05:09 pm (UTC)
I figure AT LEAST 3 times as many people in support as in front-line positions. Maybe about half military & half civ (or 2/3 1/3? SGC might have a higher civ quotient due to all the research specialists, more than they can supply from within the ranks) And most of them live off base and work regular shifts, like at other military bases, so only part of the staff are on base at a time, ever--maybe 1/3 or as much as 1/2 in full active operation, probably 1/4 or even less on stand-down.
dunno. ::handwavy::
May. 29th, 2009 05:11 pm (UTC)
I'm assuming that, for quarantine purposes, they need to have enough on-base space for everyone. Please feel free to disabuse me of that notion, naturally.
May. 30th, 2009 02:42 am (UTC)
Okay - I'm totally confused by the layout up there - but as far as general military stuff I can do my best to answer questions. If I don't know the answer I'll ask Mike. This may be a completely useless offer, but I thought I'd throw it out :)
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