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SOS is an appropriate title. Help!

50000 doesn't divide easily into three, but my goal for the drafts of each Act is 16000 words. I've got maybe half a dozen scenes left for Act I, though 2.5 of them are action scenes (an explosion counts as an action scene, right?), and the scene that is currently the end of Act I might move to the beginning of Act II, I'm not sure yet.

So, here are my totals so far, assuming that scene isn't moving:

Act I

Act II

still planning

I'm hoping to finish Act I in the next day or two, or at least get enough of the climax done to decide which side of the void the current last scene goes on. A question: If the novel is being told from the POV of multiple characters, but mostly by Jack and Daniel, would it be bad to have Act II start from someone else's POV?

Oh, and have a snippet, from early in Act I (it's plotty):

“He’s shutting us down!” Daniel said angrily, and Jack relaxed just a fraction. Coffee mugs could be replaced. “How can he shut us down? What part of ‘first, last, and only defense’ does this man not understand? What about all the research we could be doing now that we’re not at war!”

“The program’s too controversial right now,” Jack said, knowing it wasn’t going to do a thing to calm Daniel down but not knowing what else to say. “And it’s just a temporary thing, until the world stops hyperventilating. Maybe this’ll give you time to get some work done on that backlog of yours,” he teased gently.

“Fuck the backlog,” Daniel said viciously, and Jack blinked. It wasn’t like Daniel cursing was rare, or even uncommon, but it was always for a reason. “This man achieved overnight what Kinsey spent eight years trying to do.”


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