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stitching the wings on butterflies

Plan for tomorrow is to try to get to the DMV and renew my learner's permit. Then a job interview (OMG help), and then shopping for underwear and possibly some nicer shirts. I've got maybe four shirts that are nice and can be worn in polite company, and even if I don't get this job, I'm going to need more than that. We'll see what happens.

Tuesday, I'm going to be meeting up with despiojarse12, and possibly allandaros and kashmir_ki_kali, for tea. I haven't seen despiojarse12 since last summer, when he and another friend met me near our old high school while I was taking driver's ed. I miss seeing that crew every day, I really do.

Since I finished my Trek: OS rewatch, I've now started a TNG rewatch. As much as OS amused me, TNG is still my first love. I was literally raised on it: it started the year I was born, and I grew up watching a blend of TNG and Sesame Street. It definitely explains why I'm warped.

Also, I'm almost done already with the cross stitch I'm making for Mum's birthday next month. Once it's done, I'm going to have pictures of the process, and I think I'll even be able to convince one of the boys to take pictures while I wash and frame it. It's very pretty. :D

And now, to bed.


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